Kris Jenner Confesses, “It Takes God To Deal With Caitlyn’s Transition”

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Momager to the Kardashian clan, Kris Jenner is finally ready to tell her truth about the only reason she had been coping, following  Caitlyn’s transition form Bruce, in Barzaar magazine’s March 2016 issue.

Ex-wife to Caitlyn/Bruce Jenner also confesses to firing three people last December when a stalker managed to gain access to her private residence in Hidden Hills, Calabasas. As well as how much she misses her late husband ‘Robert Kardashian, who passed away in 2003.

Kris begins, “I was sitting here at my desk, doing the five million things I needed to do, and a guy walked into my office. Right there,” she says, pointing to the door. “And he was an intruder. My stalker.”

She continues with, “Oh, you have no idea. I get crazy just thinking about it. The police were here, and then you have to file a police report. It was three o’clock in the afternoon. He walked in and said, ‘Lucy, I’m home!’—and nobody. … Well, let’s just say, three people were fired yesterday. Thanks to the multitude of security cameras in the house (which are separate from the TV cameras), the perp was identified and arrested by the time I got there.”


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Speaking on being a reality family with access to over a hundred million viewers spanning over one-hundred-and-forty countries, Kris says she understands the family has haters.

“Here’s the thing,” she says. “We have literally millions and millions of fans. I mean, even Kendall and Kylie have 50 million followers on Instagram—apiece. That’s a hundred million people you have somehow touched emotionally, enough to follow you on a social-media platform. And I think with that also comes, you know, haters. But in comparison, like I tell my family, they’re such a small percentage. We wouldn’t be around for 12 seasons as a television show if there was that much negativity.”

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After being married with Bruce Jenner for twenty-three years, 60-year-old Kris says she is still taking baby steps with the Caitlyn/Bruce Jenner transition-drama though it has been a difficult challenge.

Learning to let go is hard but time heals all things, Kris embraces tolerance for the sake of the two daughters they both share, Kendall and Kylie Jenner.


Where did she get the strength to let go? Kris says. “Prayer. God. You know, just trying to understand. It takes time. But time is a wonderful healer. And we have two children together. It’s important for my kids to see our family strong and united. I also think people are very jealous. Or are bitter and angry about their own lives.”

The Jenner-Kardashian matriarch admits to never knowing or even hearing about transexuals or transgenders before Bruce.

“I never really thought about it before. And I’d never known anyone who was transgender. I didn’t even know what the word meant. Because there’s transgender and transsexual, and there’s. I mean, I just didn’t know much about it. So, I definitely got a big education.”

Answering the question most women in her position would ask, Kris never doubted her femininity, she knew she was a woman who wanted a man, she only had doubts about the relationship.

Though she did ask herself personal questions like, ”What were those 20-plus years all about?’  ‘Wow, why was I put through this?, ”For 20 years I could have been, you know, doing something else”?


Kris accepts that everything happens for a reason and her reason is Kylie and Kendall.

In 2011, Kris published a memoir, Kris Jenner… And All Things Kardashian where she describes Bruce Jenner as the love of her life. In 2015, Kris did not feel the same way.

Her only regret in life was her divorce to Robert who was the father of her four children, Kourtney, Kim, Khloe and Rob.

Robert Kardashian was a top-businessman and also a famous attorney for defending OJ Simpson in his trial in 1995.

Kris says Robert gave her a cushy life but in 1989 she cheated on him with a professional soccer player ten years her junior. This led to Robert filing for divorce.

Her turning point was when she felt helpless after he cut off her credit card and she swore never to be helpless again. (All these she reveals in her memoir)

She says she never went to college, she barely graduated high school. Rather, she chased her dream to be a flight attendant, a dream which would lead her to meet Robert Kardashian aboard one of her flights and he married her at the age of 22.

Her late husband was a very spiritual man and he taught her about God.

She attends Bible study regularly and considers herself a born-again. She exclaims, “Oh, yes! It doesn’t go away! I believe in God and the power of prayer.”


“I had a wonderful, beautiful life with Robert. He was just an amazing man,” she explains, adding that as she went through the Bruce/Caitlyn thing, she wished she could call him, to have a solid shoulder to lean, or maybe, cry on.

“I always wish I could call Robert right now. That’s an everyday thing.”



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