Kesha Drama: Music Producer, Dr Luke, Claims “I Have Never Slept With Kesha”

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The summary of Kesha’s drama is this:

She accused her music producer Dr Luke of drugging and sexually assaulting her shortly after her 18th birthday. Thing is, in 2011 Kesha denied claims of ever being molested by the producer.

According to TMZ, Kesha testified she had not been drugged or raped by Dr Luke. While defending himself, Dr Luke tweeted:

“It is sad that she Kesha would turn a contract negotiation into something so horrendous and untrue. But I feel confident when this is over the lies will be exposed and the truth will prevail”.

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Luke who has also worked with Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj, and Rihanna wrote a heartfelt tweet:

“Until now I have not commented on the lawsuit, which should be resolved in court not here on twitter. It is a shame, that there is so much speculation out there basing itself on so little information. The only truly objective person who knows the facts is the judge. The judge did not rule in Kesha’s favor on Friday.”

This is the first time the producer is commenting on the issue on social media. He continued:

“I understand why people without the information are speaking out and I can appreciate their compassion but lives can get ruined when there is a rush to judgement before all the facts come out. Look what happened to UVA, Duke etc. Of course any sane person is against rape but everybody who is commenting is doing so without knowledge or facts”.


He reiterated:

“I did not rape Kesha and I have never had sex with her. Kesha and I were friends for many years and she was like my little sister. Kesha has denied under oath the horrible allegations now being made against me”.

(He produced evidence on TMZ of a separate lawsuit in 2011 in which Kesha testified that she had not been drugged or raped by the producer).

Dr Luke questioned the character of Kesha’s attorney, Mark Geragos, asking him “how much he cares about women’s right since he represented Chris Brown?”. He also shaded Geragos for also accusing him of raping Lady Laga. A claim, Lady Gaga denied last week.

Luke ended with:

“Imagine if you or somebody you loved was publicly accused of a rape you know they did not do. Imagine that. I have three sisters, a daughter and a son with my girlfriend and a feminist mom who raised me right. Kesha and I made a lot of songs together and it was often good but there were creative differences at times.

It is sad that she would turn a contract negotiation into something so horrendous and untrue, but I feel confident when this is over the lies will be exposed and the truth will prevail. This is an ongoing legal case so I won’t be responding or talking much about this. This should be tried in a court of law”.

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Dr Luke’s attorney, Christine Lepera also denied Kesha’s allegations on behalf of his client. Lepera accused Kesha and her legal team of conducting a “trial by twitter, using vicious smear campaign to ruin his reputation”. 

He called the singer’s lawsuit ‘outright lies that have been advanced to extort a contract renegotiation and money’ stating that Kesha was “already free to record and release music without working with Dr Luke as a producer if she doesn’t want to

.In a statement released by Dr Luke’s lawyers, it read:

“The court noted multiple times that her vague abuse allegations were devoid of factual detail, and that there was no evidence, whether from doctors or anyone else to support them. 

Tellingly, Kesha never reported any purported abuse or rape to any law enforcement authority, or even to Sony music, and further swore under oath in another matter, while accompanied by her team of lawyers, that it never occurred. 

The goal of Kesha’s counsel through-out has been to obtain a more lucrative contract through a shameless campaign of outrageous claims they will never stand behind in a court of law”.

Kesha is presently drowning in legal fees ad had help from Taylor Swift as the ‘I knew you were trouble’ hitmaker donated two-hundred-and-fifty-thousand dollars to help her legal fees.


This drama gets messier as everyone is suddenly confused on who is telling the truth and who is lying. Are you for Dr Luke or Kesha? Share your thoughts. 

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