Jeb Bush Drops Out Of US Presidential Race

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Jeb Bush drops out of US presidential race – Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush has announced his decision to drop out of the race for the White House.

Jeb Bush drops out of US presidential race
Jeb Bush drops out of US presidential race

Bush’s withdrawal was due to a string of losses in the primaries, which culminated with a 4th place finish in South Carolina with only 7.8 percent of the votes.

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‘Tonight I am suspending my campaign,’ he said to his supporters at his campaign headquarters last night.

‘I’ve had an incredible life and, for me, public service has been the highlight of that life, but no matter what the future holds, here’s the greatest safety landing if you can imagine,’ he added, gesturing to his wife. ‘Tonight I’m going to sleep with the best friend I have and the love of my life.’

Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio had come in joint second behind Trump in the South Carolina primaries, with Ben Carson finishing in last place.



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