Indian Woman Raped In ICU Just Hours After Giving Birth Through Caesarean Section

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A 23-year-old, Indian woman has reportedly been raped in a hospital ward just hours after giving birth for the first time, while in an intensive care unit in New Delhi.

The new mother had just given birth via caesarean section at Brahm Shakti Sanjeevani Hospital and was recovering in intensive care when she was attacked.

CCTV photo of a man who raped new mum in hospital
CCTV photo of a man who raped a new mum in hospital

Photos taken from the hospital’s CCTV cameras show a man wearing blues jeans and a red and blue jumper getting out of a car and walking in to the ICU at Brahm Shakti Sanjivani Hospital.

The suspect, who allegedly told the guard that he was a doctor, entered the ward around 3:30 am. He is seen constantly on the phone while entering the ICU. Inside the ward, he is seen lifting screens and checking out patients.

Police in Bahaduragarh have released CCTV images in the hope of tracing the alleged attacker
Police in India have released CCTV images in the hope of tracing the alleged attacker

The alleged rapist, who had seen her sleeping in a cubicle, burst in and raped her before escaping out onto the street.

The same man allegedly then went to a second hospital in the neighbourhood and made a similar attempt on another woman in the ICU. The woman, however, woke up and raised an alarm, after which the man ran away. He has been caught on camera footage in the second hospital too.

The police in India have seized footage from both hospitals and have launched a search.

Meanwhile, a relative of the woman who was allegedly assaulted disclosed to NDTV that no one responded to her screams.

The relative said: “She is my nephew’s wife and she gave birth to a girl yesterday and was admitted to the hospital. I was with her till late 9:45 pm and then left because the hospital staff said no one was allowed to stay the night in the ICU. There was nobody in the ICU when the man entered.”

“All the patients were sleeping. My daughter-in-law screamed but nobody came, neither any nurse nor any doctor.”



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