India Decides: No Mobile Phone For Single Women

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Members of the Suraj village council in Mehsana, Gujarat – passed a resolution in early February “outlawing the use of mobile devices for teenage girls and young women. The village is reportedly home to India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi.

Confirming the decision, village head Devshi Vankar said:

“Community leaders felt that just like liquor, the use of mobile phones by unmarried women was a nuisance to society,”

Vankar added that a similar ban would be announced for school-age boys soon. Hindustan Times reports Vankar’s perspective on the matter as he questions;

Why do girls need cell phone? Internet is a waste of time and money for a middle-class community like us.

“Girls should better utilize their time for study and other works.”

Elders of the village opined that the ”use of mobile phones by unmarried women created problems in society similar to those caused by the abuse of alcohol by men”.

Vankar insists the resolution comes after the council reviewed the effects of mobile phones on its women. He said:

Mobile phones are distracting unmarried women from carrying out their studies and household chores in the village, which has a population of 2,000.

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A community leader from North Gujarat, Raikarnji Thakor, said: “Alcohol consumption by men and cell phone use by women creates a lot of disturbance in society”.

According to the council, violators caught speaking, using or owning a mobile phone will face a 2,100-rupee or £21.6 fine. It’s also offering 200 rupees to informers for tip-offs.

Although they are not allowed to own personal mobile devices, the law permits the single and teenage women to use either their parents’ or relatives’ phones.

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This goes against Prime Minister, Modi’s nationwide campaign to spread the use of technology in rural India.


Nigerians will just die on the matter if it gets to their country. Still, if the decision helps the community achieve its developmental objectives then withholding a distraction can be a good thing.


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