“I believe Monogamy Is An Unnatural Socially Imposed Condition” – A Serial Mistress Speaks Out

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This interview was culled from Thesinglesexymommy.com. As usual, I was doing my normal web surfing and I stumbled across the article.

Three mistresses or sidepieces were interviewed but I picked just one lady’s story. Her name or alias is Towanda. It was interesting to read from her. Parts of it got me annoyed but some other parts got me trying to understand her.

Please read:

Have you ever been the “other person?”

Towanda:  “Yes. I’ve been the other woman more than once!”


What made you decide to have a relationship with someone who you knew was either married or in a relationship already?”

Towanda:  Love…always love!  Some were married and some were dating other people. Generally I believe monogamy is an unnatural socially imposed condition. Two the promise of fidelity is between the man and the person he made it to. I don’t believe it has anything to do with me. All that matters is the connection between the two people in my book. And I definitely believe you can love more than one person at once. I know I have.”

Because the person that you are with (or have been with in the past) are married, what are holidays like for you? Is he available?

Towanda:  “I always spend them with my family and I’ve only had one relationship where I would bring that person to a family event. So that has never been an issue.”

Do you feel “bad” about breaking up a home or relationship? What are your thoughts about cheating?

Towanda:  “I don’t think cheating means that someone doesn’t love you. It can but it can also mean that person is attracted to or has feelings for someone else as well. Which I believe in natural. As for breaking someone’s home, no. Only the people in the home can break it. If you decided to leave someone because they cheated that is your decision. If someone doesn’t want to be with you, then that is what it is. That they cheated is just an aside.”

“As a general rule, I prefer to only date single men. However, that is not a moral issue for me. For me it’s about the demands and realities of our society and such relationships are doomed to be temporary. If we had polygamy in this country, I could totally live with that.”

Towanda, do you want to be married? Would you care if your husband slept with other women? Would you be fine with an open marriage?

Towanda:  “I’m an atheist so marriage means nothing to me outside of the legal and financial benefits. When my ex and I lived together we were essentially having the same life as if we were married. That could have gone on forever and I would have been just as happy. I would not want an open marriage. I think it does not fit within the culture of American life and would only create headaches. If my husband slept with someone else, I would simply try to figure out why. If there a disconnect with us or does he simply have feelings for someone else. I would try to take it case by case. I don’t believe that any rules work for all so it depends.”

Towanda, have the tables ever been turned?  Were you ever cheated on? 

Towanda:  “As far as I know no one has ever cheated on me. For me what’s important is respect! Even if our relationship is causal and you are with someone else I don’t expect to have it in my face. I wouldn’t do that to anyone else either.”

-END (Read from the other women at sexysinglemommy)

Sigh. *Facepalm*

Is this person confused or what?



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