How To Steal Her From Her Boyfriend

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At one point or the other, you probably have found yourself liking a girl that already has a boyfriend. You had the feeling she was the most amazing and beautiful person you’ve ever seen but she’s hooked up with another guy already. You’re probably in awe of a girl that’s in a relationship with another man right now. You have two options to either move on and search for another girl or to stay and fight it out. The question you should ask yourself however hat is she worth it? If the answer in in the affirmative, then go on and read how you can steal her away from her boyfriend.

It is important for you to have it at the back of your mind that it is difficult to steal a woman away from her boyfriend and if you’ve met an amazing girl you can’t stand to be apart from, their are four important steps to follow that can help to guarantee victory.

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How Happy Is She With Him?

This question should come first before you proceed. Is she madly in love with the guy she’s with? Does her man treat her specially and does she return the feelings? Is there a glow on her face when she talks about her boyfriend? If the answers to these questions are in the affirmative, then you need to back off. Trying to break off a happy relationship will only make you look stupid and she’d hate you for it.
As a matter of fact, it’s better not to woo a girl that’s happy with her man. You could find yourself wondering why a woman would stay with a man she hates but that unfortunately is the case because women will rather settle for the devil they know than the angel they haven’t seen. This however doesn’t mean that if she thinks that she could be better with you, she wouldn’t be willing to ditch what she presently has.

Improve Yourself

Self-improvement will do a lot to boost your chances of having her. Look dapper, get a better haircut, visit the gym regularly and do any other thing that will make you better. This will increase your chances of stealing her away from her boyfriend.

When she looks at you, she wants to see someone more attractive than her boyfriend. She also wants to see someone that will be able to provide the happiness her present guy cannot. One way for her to know this is by you positively interacting with people around her but make sure she’s aware of this. Women are quite addicted to the idea of changing a guy from being bad to good that they sometimes are unaware of the better guys around them. As a result of this, you have to make her know that you’re there and this may require a bit of force at times. And by force, we mean letting her know you’re interested.

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Never castigate her boyfriend and remember to complement her. You should however remember to be careful and not cross the line into the permanent ‘friend zone’. You want her to know you’re a better option not a shoulder that will always be available for her to cry on when the other guy hurts her. Try and take her out. Try an activity like dancing that will encourage touching. Choose your words wisely, something like “If you were single, I’m pretty sure we’d be together,” will definitely get her thinking of you in the proper light.

Doing this however comes with the risk of losing the “friendship” as she may not want someone that will keep hitting on her despite being rebuffed.

Make Her Realize What She’s Missing

No matter how unhappy a woman is with her boyfriend, she wouldn’t think of ditching him except you’re offering something better. It doesn’t matter how unhappy a girl is with her boyfriend if you’re just as bad as he is. As such, become the man of her dreams so much so that if she’s presented with an option of breaking things off with her present man, she’d jump at the opportunity.

Moreover, you can can try to show her what she’s missing from her present boyfriend. If her present man is the gentle, good and safe boyfriend, try being the wild and bad guy. If he’s the type that treats her badly, you’d have a better chance if you’re more loving and caring. This plan however isn’t foolproof as younger girls tend not to have an idea of what they want. If you however find a woman at the right time (mostly when she’s tired of what she has), you can easily swoop in and have her.

And The Waiting Begins…

You can find that lady that is unhappy in her relationship, improve your dress sense and let her know how much she can meet her emotional needs and make her happy but she’s still not making it look like you will strike gold anytime soon. Just know that shit happens. Remember not to get obsessed during the wooing process especially if you’ve given all you could. If she doesn’t bite, then she’s probably not the one for you.

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You can also take the option of going out to date normal people as opposed to looking for a woman to steal away from her boyfriend. If you think there’s a woman that is being treated bad by her boyfriend, you can give it a shot but don’t make it a pastime.



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