‘Most Hated Man In America’, Martin Shkreli Pranks World Media Into Believing He Lost $15Million

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Martin Shkreli, 32, who is the most hated man in America says he lost fifteen-million-dollars (over three-billion naira) on fake online scam for rights to Kanye West’s new album, ‘The Life Of Pablo’.

As it turns out, it’s all a hoax. And the best part, all the news giants around the world ran the story to Martin’s amusement.

Martin who was probably bored on Valentine’s day took to social media to Tweet about how he lost fifteen million dollars on rights to Kanye’s new album.

The thing is, he had earlier tweeted on his intent to buy out the ‘TLOP’ album at ten-million dollars from Kanye; only to return on Valentine’s day with an “I got scammed off fifteen-million dollars”.

Last week, he began by tweeting:

Followed by his offer letter

Kanye did not reply Martin, at which Shkreli tweets again:

After his Kanye West’s ‘album offer’ went around news media, Shkreli tweets:

Then on Valentine’s day Shkreli retweets Kanye’s in-debt tweet after Kanye still refused to respond:

Shkreli did not give up, he kept tweeting:

He later comes back to tweet on how he has gotten across to Yeezy and how he (Shkreli) has instructed him (Kanye) to play only the leaked album.

Then he goes off with:

Why pay fifteen-million dollars in a scam when you were already closing a ten-million dollar deal with Kanye, directly? Like how dumb does Shkreli think everyone is?

Martin claims someone named Daquan contacted him under pretense of representing Kanye West and offered to sell him the rights to West’s new album, ‘The Life of Pablo’.

Going further with the claims, Shkreli tweeted on how he had paid the money via Bitcoin only to find out it was a scam and begged Tweethearts to ‘call the police’.

Like, if you really lost $15 Million, you would come on twitter to ‘call the police’?

If the tweets are anything to go by, then no one really cares if Shkreli lost any money at all, as a matter of fact, millions will be excited if he did since he is the reason life-saving HIV drugs are crazy expensive.

The final lie catcher is, transactions on Bitcoin are publicly searchable and Martin Shkreli was obviously yanking someone’s chain as no transaction occurred around that time.

Plus, ‘Sitoshi’ is probably a made up name as the owner of Bitcoin is actually the anonymous Satoshi Nakamoto. Who is Sitoshi, then?

According to NewMatilda.com, media houses who ran with the churn include:

Internationally, RT.com ran with the yarn – a disappointing development, given it’s generally one of the more reliable sources from the US. And here’s Sky News’ coverage in the UK. And the HuffPost.

And the Daily Mail, of course, which is to Churnalism as Donald Trump is to over-statement… prolific. And here’s the UK Independent. The UK Standard. The Inquisitr. Mother Jones. And the ironically named FACT Magazine.

All running the same false story.

As a matter of fact, last year, Martin who claims to love rap claims he paid $2 million dollars on rap group Wu-Tang Clan’s final album; his reason being (a) loves rap and (b) believes people should support the arts more.

Martin is a controversial pharmaceutical boss who was arrested last December following his action, which saw an over 5000 percent increase in life-saving HIV drug. An act which made it impossible for poor HIV sufferers to purchase the drug.

His popularity came after he bought the rights to the HIV-drug called Daraprim for £35.5m then changed the price of each pill from £8.70 per tablet to £484.

With his new prank, even his Twitter followers know it’s a hoax. The problem is, the news about “Martin Shkreli loses fifteen-million dollars to fake Kanye West Album” has already been saturated around the world with all the top media houses spreading it on their platforms, much to Shkreli’s amusement.

Shkreli is reported as being a very calm man who never gets unruffled despite always being haunted negatively by media.


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