Graphic Content: Twins Fused At The Head Are Separated After Ten-Hour Surgery

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In an extremely unique case of Craniopagus, conjoined-since-birth twins Tuqa and Yakeen Al Khadar have been disjoined following a remarkable surgery at the Specialist Children Hospital in Saudi Arabia.

Craniopagus which is a rare condition involves conjoined twins who are fused at the cranium. It is a phenomenon occurring only once in every 2.5 million births.


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The operation which involved twenty-two doctors and nurses was performed over a period of ten hours, two hours less than the twelve hours earlier scheduled time.

Operating doctor, Dr Al-Furrayan had high hopes, putting the success rate of the surgery at sixty percent.

He said: ‘The twins were conjoined at the head and that meant this was one of the most complicated and difficult Siamese cases.’


Speaking on behalf of the hospital, a spokesman said the surgery was the fourth and final stage to be performed on the twins.

The hospital has performed preparatory surgeries since April 2014 on the twins.

The hospital which is located in the capital state of Riyadh, has witnessed many Siamese cases since 1990, with patients cutting across eighteen different countries including Egypt, Yemen, Sudan, Syria, Iraq, Malaysia, Philippines, Poland, and Morocco.


In 2013, Hussein Al Khadar appealed to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia to help get treatment for his twin daughters who were born with the same skull but separate brains. reports that Hussein could not afford the treatment himself as he had to fend for eleven members of his family who were all living in war-riddled Syria, the twins were sixteen months at the time.

The Syrian government paid for the surgery as an act of Humanitarianism.

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