Ginuwine’s Name Is Being Used To Scam People, So He Blames ‘Nigerians’

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Black American people love to whine about being stereotyped, but are some of the most racist, stereotypical people towards African peoples.

Washed out American singer, Ginuwine found that a scammer has been getting through to unsuspecting people and getting money from them using his name and reacted in the most stereotypical fashion ever.

The scammer had created a Facebook account in Ginuwine’s government name, Elgin Baylor Lumpkin, and was tricking people to believe he is the real deal. Ginuwine then responds on Instagram saying that the account wasn’t his real one and without any evidence or any shred of sense, announced that it was being used by a Nigerian scammer to get people’s money.

Ginuwine rant

In similar fashion, 50 Cent last week made a distasteful statement that implied via Twitter implying that Africans will be “grateful for a glass of water” which he later deleted.




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