Former Nursing Home Worker Admits To Throwing Old People Off Balconies To Kill Them

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‘I did it to kill him’, Hayato Imai, 23, has confessed to killing three elderly residents by throwing them off the balconies of the nursing home he worked with. Though he has not stated any reason why.

According to the Kanagawa Prefectural Police Department, Hayato was detained after he was regarded a suspect in the killing of an elderly named Tamio Ushizawa at the nursing home in Kawasaki southwest district of Tokyo in November 2014.



The victim is reported to have died of severely ruptured organs after being pushed from the fourth-floor balcony of the nursing home by Hayato.

Reports from local media in Japan says that after his arrest, the suspect also admitted to killing two more elderly residents in a similar manner in 2014.

Kyodo News reports,

‘I did it to kill him,’ Imai was quoted as telling police about the death of Ushizawa.

Hayato was fired form the job prior to his arrest after he was arrested as suspect in cash and jewelry theft in the facility.

The elderly are a core part of Japan’s culture. They even have their own national holiday which was reserved to honor elderly citizens.



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