Football Player Kills Referee For Showing Him A Red Card

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An amateur footballer in Argentina, shot and killed a referee and also injured another player after he was given a red card.

The match took place on Sunday in the Campo de la Ribera area of Cordoba, Argentina. The referee, Cesar Flores, 48, was killed after being shot three times – once in the head, neck and chest, according to police.

Police say the referee showed the assailant a red card for making a heavy tackle on an opponent. The shooter, who is now on the run, then retrieved a gun from his bag and shot Flores three times. He also wounded another player before fleeing the scene.

The other player who was wounded was taken to a hospital, and is not in critical condition.

“It all happened during the match,” a police spokesman said. “We don’t know what happened with the referee but the player was angry and went to get his gun and killed him.”



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