Fire Destroys Efe Omorogbe’s Office: 2Face’s Manager Counts Losses

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Fire destroys Efe Omorogbe’s office – The office of 2Face’s manager, Efe Omorogbe, was on Saturday burnt after a fire occurred inside the office premises.

Fire destroys Efe Omorogbe's office
Fire destroys Efe Omorogbe’s office

The fire occurred at Omorogbe’s Now Musik office, located at Beckley Estate, Abule Taylor bus stop, Abule Egba, Lagos state.

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“Yes, it is true we had a fire incident that was instigated by power which led to a spark in our electrical appliances. Unfortunately, there was nobody around to contain it,” Omorogbe said in a recent interview.

“We are thankful there were no casualties, nobody was hurt. It was majorly a studio, nobody lived there.

“Equipment, hard drives, data, even the back up files were all lost. But you know, these things are not as important as human lives so at the end of the day, we are thankful we didn’t record any casualty, “he noted.

He added: “It is also a lesson that we need to be a lot more proactive with such occurrences. I didn’t have any fire extinguisher in there, so even if someone was there, it still would have been a challenge containing it. We will take a learning and try as much as possible to prepare for those kind of eventualities going forward.”

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Omorogbe stated that the fire service came too late, but were able to stop it from spreading to other places.

“It was a little late though because the time the officials came in, the entire building had been razed down completely. They contained it notwithstanding, because there was also a possibility of the fire spreading to other buildings, ”



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