Most Expensive Jewellery on the Red Carpet at the Oscars

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Stars Stunned on the red carpet with expensive Jewellery, Lady gaga alone was wearing earrings that cost $8 million only. She wasn’t the only one, take a look at other celebrities and their luxury jewellery.


jewelry_Oscars_006_360nobs Lady Gaga was one of the stars with the most expensive jewellery with a set of emerald cut diamond earrings costing 8 million dollars, she also wore her heart shaped engagement ring which is predicted to cost $400,000.


jewelry_Oscars_001_360nobsOn her hands,Priyanka Chopra sported a 22 carat diamond ring worth $3.4 million alongside a 10 carat diamond pinky ring worth $850,000 as well as an 8 carat diamond bypass ring costing $300,000.

jewelry_Oscars_004_360nobsAt just under $8 million was Former Miss World  Priyanka Chopra’s selection of jewels, which included 50 carat diamond front back earrings that cost an incredible $3.2 million.


jewelry_Oscars_007_360nobsHeidi Klum also donned several diamond rings including a pinkish Golconda 20 carat ring, a 12 carat ring, and a 16 carat ring – totaling 67 carats of diamonds and around $2.5 million – the latter of which she showed off on Instagram before hitting the red carpet.



Chrissy Teigen showed off champagne-tinted diamonds on her earrings and on her rings, which were worth an impressive $2.8 million



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