El-Rufai Seeks 2-Year Jail Term For Unlicensed Religious Preachers In Kaduna

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Governor Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna State has conveyed a bill seeking to regulate religious preaching across the state, to the state House of Assembly.

The bill, which is titled: “A bill for a law to substitute the Kaduna State religious preaching law, 1984”, is aimed at banning the usage of loudspeaker for religious purposes “other than inside a Mosque or Church and the surrounding areas outside the stipulated prayer times.”

According to Leadership Newspaper, Governor El-Rufai, in the bill, sought the Assembly to enact the law that will stop the playing or circulating of “all cassettes, CDs, flash drives or any other communication gadgets containing religious recordings from accredited preachers other than inside one’s house, porch, Church, Mosques and other designated place of worship.”

The bill also seeks to ban sales or playing of any cassette containing “religious recordings in which abusive language is used against any person or religious organisation or religious leaders (past or present).”

If passed into law, the bill will prohibit sales of religious books, usage of abusive and derogatory terms in describing any religion.

If passed into law, the Sharia courts and customary courts shall have the jurisdiction to try violators.

The bill proposes that any person found guilty of preaching without a valid licence and other offences under the law “shall be liable to two years in prison or pay a fine of N200, 000.”



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