Dirty Games To Play With Her

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Truth Or Dare

truth or dare
This is one of the most classic dirty games you can play with her. It is usually more fun if you involve another couple but can still have as much fun as you can think up if only you and her play it. You and your partner can decide how you want the game to go. You can tear small sheets of paper and write down dirty things which anybody that is the lower in the dice game can do or simply flow along with daring them.

Webcam Chat

cyber sex
If your girlfriend is far away, you can try a bit of webcam chat using social applications like Skype and BlackBerry video chats. Since you’re not together, it can be a good way for you to act dirty while staying connected.
A showcase of body parts, some touching and the resultant masturbation can do a lot to reignite the spark in the relationship. It will be a sexy way to kill time when you’re away from her.

Role Playing

This is one dirty game she’d really enjoy playing with you. You and your girlfriend can dress up as characters you fantasize about while trying to convince each other to have sex. You can choose the role of a Doctor/nurse and patient, a plumber and client or whatever roles you can think up. Trust us when we say you’d have much fun than you’ve had in a long time by enacting these characters and any other one you come with.

Play The Characters From An Erotic Book

erotic nove;
Get an erotic novel that you both have read and try to read and play out the characters of the novel. You can take turns with your girlfriend to play the lead characters. You should try and bring the characters to life by ensuring you do the exact things the characters do in the novel.

Use Your Fingers

A man's hand on woman's bare stomach
This game is a dirty, funny and sexy one you can play with her. Get her to lie down naked on her stomach and use your fingers to write out words on her back. Get her to recognise the words. As soon as she gets a hang of the words, try and write them out faster to make it tougher for her to answer. For every answer she gets, kiss her or do whatever she requests. For every wrong answer, you can give her a light spank on the butt or whatever sensual thing you fancy. You can also choose to switch roles with her now and again to get the best out of this dirty game.

Sexy Questions

Smiling Black couple underneath sheet
This is will get you and your partner horny and willing to have sex in no time. Try cuddling up to her in bed while the lights are off and every where is pitch black. You can choose to start each other sexy and intimate questions about fetishes, crushes and any other sexual thing you can think up. Being in a dark place coupled with you being horny, a lot of dirty secrets will come out without anyone feeling awkward with the advantage of making you and your partner closer.

Play The Drunk Game

You’ll enjoy this especially if either you and your partner enjoy drunk sex. You can pretend to be drunk and tell your partner to pretend they walked into you in an entirely different scenario. Pretend both of you were strangers and ask her to do anything she wants to you.


Giving your girlfriend a massage is probably one of those sexual games that can make fantasies become reality. You can take off your clothes and have her do the same to you. If you want to take it a notch higher, you can introduce water colours. Paint your partner’s body artistically and then look forward to the bomb sex that will follow in the shower when you both clean up.

Cross Dress

This one is a hilarious game that will get you and your girlfriend giggling. When you’ve got time to burn, you both can go through each others clothes and dress up like each other. You can add more fun to it by even wearing each others underwears! As you dress up like each other more, the dirty and fun level with increase especially when you both decide to have sex in each others clothes.



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