DESPICABLE: African-American Doll Stabbed On Confederate Flag Ignites Outrage

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An African-American baby-doll hanging in a noose with a knife in its back, on a Confederate flag background; has been found on West Overton Village section in East Huntingdon Township, Pittsburgh.

The doll in question which was seen hanging on a fence was spotted by a female driver who missed her turn and had to reverse to get a clearer view. 360NobsAfricanAmerican

Rachel Szolek found the black-doll while driving down Porter Road on Tuesday when she spotted the shocking display.

Szolek said, “We actually turned around because we had passed the house, and there it was, and the first thing was shock,”.


Rachel Szolek said her shock quickly shifted to anger as she shared the photos of the African-American doll stabbed on the flag via her Facebook, which garnered lots of shares and comments.

Rachel says she did it because hanging the doll on the confederate flag “it’s not right. it’s despicable”.

The photo made its way to Pittsburgh’s Action News 4  and East Huntingdon Township’s supervisor Paul Hodgkiss was contacted for comments.


Hodgkiss said, “I am definitely against anything like that in our township,”

While Paul who is Hundington’s supervisor says he also found out about the display on Tuesday afternoon when a man who lived nearby called him about it; officials in Scottdale Borough said they’ve been hearing about the bizarre doll for months.

However there is nothing they can do about it as it is outside their jurisdiction.

It seems this is not the first time it has happened, it is just the only time it has drawn this much attention.

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Hodgkiss said there’s a chance whoever put the hanging doll up “probably has the right to hang the doll” on their property.

“It probably is allowed to be there at his property, but if we can do anything to stop it we will,”- Hodgkiss

The flag which was spotted at a home in Porter Avenue did not have anyone answer the door when reporter Beau Berman knocked on it. When he drove by again thirty minutes later to check on the home owners again, the doll, flag and noose were gone.


The woman who discovered the doll, Szolek, says she does not want whoever put the doll up to be punished. She only wants them to take the doll down.

“I just hope he has to take it down,” Szolek said. “That’s all I want, you know. I don’t care, I don’t want him punished. I just want him to take it down so we don’t have to look at it.”

A woman who identified herself as a girlfriend to the flag’s owner came forward, on Wednesday and confirmed the property is owned by Jim Miller Sr while the confederate flag is owned by his son Jim Miller Jr.

She said Jim Miller Sr had to remove the flag himself after noticing how much controversy the display was generating.

The woman who never gave her name also said, the Millers never heard the knocks on the door when Reporter Beau Berman came calling.

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She added that the doll ‘is not black’ but is actually ‘white’, though she did not explain the purpose of the display. She said she would consider an on-camera interview after talking to her boyfriend. What a way to buy publicity.

Officials of the town decided a meet on Wednesday to deliberate on the next course of action but since the flag has been taken down, it remains unclear if further actions will be taken.

Aaron Bailon who is Huddington Town’s solicitor promised to meet personally with township supervisors to address the situation.

Here we are enjoying the 21st century hoping it’s not a colour thing anymore and this has to come along. Black-American doll or White doll, the display is still wrong.

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