Cute Morning Habits Nigerian Couples Lack #1

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These Five easy-to-do Morning Habits Have Been Found Lacking In Nigerian Couples. It is a list which relates with every Nigerian, single, married or intended; as well as every couple regardless what country you are reading from.

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Morning Kiss

These couples do not believe in ‘hey hun’, ‘good morning bae’ and do not even try it with ‘the morning kiss’. That is a taboo for many men; and women as they had to endure an endless night of “tremor and bass clanging” in the name of snores. That breath? Naaaa.



Invest in breath-mints and keep them on the nightstand or under your pillow. (I once knew a guy who always woke up an hour before me just to pop candy in his mouth and he always tasted so good in the morning).

Couples could also share a special toothbrush-time every night before bed so they are certain of their spouses’s oral hygiene; if you are the neat type.

If you have a partner with halitosis, well, it is your personal decision to accept or reject the kiss.

Sincere Prayer

Nigeria couples barely pray together and even when they do, they just go back to cheating, being contumacious, acrimonious, petty and all the vile things couples “praying to the same force” should not display.



Before, you skip and rush straight to the comment section to defend your marital conclave. Do you forgive and forget every vile thing your spouse has done to you? Or do you choose ‘what’ can be qualified as sin, error or crime, ‘when’ it can be forgiven and ‘how’ it can be forgiven?

Bed & Breakfast

If the couples live and work in Lagos, B&B is ‘story for the gods’, reserved for when the harvest is bountiful and there is no boss or mail or work in anyway, shape or form hovering around their hemisphere.

The harvest can be on the weekend, better if you don’t have children to rain your parade as those munchkins can make you love them and want to strangle them in one embrace.


Bed & Breakfast doesn’t have to be loud or showy or anything. It is actually a very special ten or fifteen minute private time where couples can just drink fruit juice, junk up on sugar while discussing how to get out of bed and begin the day. The downside is, some couples wake before 5AM.

Who has time to start drinking juice by 5AM when sleep is covering one eye and the fact you have to get ready for work is covering the other eye?

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Love Note 

Most Nigerian couples do not even know what a love note is. Others have never expressed their emotions to their spouse via written words nor have they received any from someone else. Those who appreciate and know how much a love note can help a marriage will say ‘”Love notes are special. They say everything”. Those who do not know will say, ‘Love note ko, Notebook ni”.

Few couples can put their feelings into words and it is these few that will take a note from here and try to do better with their spouse.



If one partner has to wake early to start the day and get to the office, the one sleeping-in should write a note for them to read while going about their morning. The of-to-work partner can reciprocate by making the sleeping-in partner a quick breakfast; or basically doing anything to make their spouses morning easier too.

A love note will also be nice to receive. Only this time, take a great morning shot of them with the love note by their side, chest or back (depends on how they laid down) as they are sleeping and send the photo to them during their day at work. That will definitely make them smile.

Lay Down And Chill

A relative of ‘Netflix and Chill”, ‘Lay Down And Chill’ is strange to Nigerian couples as they are always on the move. Once they rise from the bed, its movement. There’s money to be made, there’s bills to pay, but how about a little “Just lay on my body, get cute, steal kisses and let’s talk about what we already talked about while you tell me how much you love me and I tell you how amazing you are and we can laugh, get cute some more and help each other start the day right?” 

Doesn’t that sound like the kind of morning you always want to have with your spouse?



For this to work, couples must be close enough that they both can freely touch each other. As weird as it may sound, there are couples who do not touch each other’s body without the express permission of the one being touched. Funny right?

If your partner is comfortable with waking up to your weight or part of it on their body please “Lay Down And Chill”.

It is advisable to invest in these morning therapies especially young couples as times, situations and circumstances can make one forget their youth and transport them back to the world of the medieval “mummy and daddy ages”.

It can save a couple’s marriage or relationship.


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