Cristiano Ronaldo Talks About His Relationship With Bale and Benzema

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Ronaldo on relationship with teammates – Real Madrid attacker Cristiano Ronaldo has revealed he’s not bothered about the kind of relationship that exists between himself and his teammates.

Ronaldo on relationship with teammates
Ronaldo on relationship with teammates

When asked about his off-the-field relationship with attacking partners Gareth Bale and Karim Benzema, the Portuguese legend stated that it didn’t matter.

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“It doesn’t matter if Bale comes to my house of if I have dinner with Benzema,” he told reporters. “Kisses and hugs aren’t important, only the things that happen on the pitch are important. That’s the only thing I value.”

The former Manchester United striker also responded to questions about his happiness at the club and his away form.

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“Do I feel appreciated? Yes, of course, absolutely. How could it not be so? I always play, I’ve scored a few goals and I’m at the best club in the world,” he added.

“Why have I struggled to score away from home? Can you name one player who has scored more away from home than me since I’ve been in Spain?”




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