Cool Phone Apps Cheating Partners Use To Hide Their Online Activities

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As long as smartphones have cameras, people will take nude selfies, download porn and flirt online. Experts at hiding their shenanigans rely on applications for their covert missions.

These apps, used to hide online activities, are so cool, some are even disguised as calculators, utilities, or phone settings. In reality, they are actually digital vaults that help keep certain files, all types of documents, private contacts, videos and photos hidden. Some even hide other apps.

Awesome right? Not so if your partner is using them. Sorry about that. But you will also find them handy too if you are looking to catch anyone hiding their online activities from you.

Simply go to device store download app.  Available on Android and iPhone devices. The upside to this is you get your privacy. The downside, read on.

Our naivety ends today.


Vaulty is an application which stores videos and photos from prying eyes. It allows one edit, filter and sorts images as well as create multiple vaults with different passwords.

One of the reasons Vaulty is a cool privacy-app is because it automatically saves a mugshot of the “Prier” trying to access the ‘Vault’ App in your phone. This enables the mobile-owner see who tried to access their device without their knowledge.

Even when you lose your phone, users with subscriptions have their hidden videos and photos automatically backed up online for easy recovery.


           Burn Note App


Burn Note is a messaging application that erases messages after a period of time set by the user. That way messages only stay based on the set time after which they’re automatically deleted.

The upside of the Burn Note app is, its display system shows just one word at a time. Each deleted message preceding the other.

If the sender posts the receiver a ‘Hey, how are you?’ and its timed for three seconds, you will see ‘Hey’ for three seconds before the ‘how’, ‘are’ and finally ‘you’. After which they automatically get deleted.

Like Snapchat but just texts.

The air of secrecy in messaging is key here.

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Upon first seeing a KY-Calc also KYMS application, one believes it is a calculator folder. In truth, the application is disguised that way to prevent intruders from viewing what goes on at the back-end.

KY-Calc is loved by users because it has a secret web browser, a separate contact list no one will ever know about and a hidden folder for images.

It also stores Word documents, Text files, PDFs, PowerPoint presentations and Excel spreadsheets.

A whole new world opens when a secret pass-code is entered.

           Audio Manager


Audio Manager sounds like an app no one will ever bother about when they go through your phone. This rad app hides hidden applications.

Sounds like a music manager that sorts your music files et al but this app has no business with anything ‘audio’. More like ‘hide o’.

To know if there are applications hidden in an Audio Manager, simply hold the app and a lock screen is revealed. Messages, photos, videos and other apps are chilling to be accessed soon.

If you want to take privacy to another level, this is for you. Be careful though if your child or partner has this pretty amazing app.

It means they have something serious to hide.

       Gallery Lock Lite


Called a Lock Lite for its peculiar clandestine mode. The app does not save on the phone, rather the user has access to it by typing in an asterisk, password, and pressing the call button.

Using the front-facing camera on your phone, Gallery Lock Lite captures photos of any intruder(s) if they enter the wrong password thrice.

Catch them red-handed.

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              Best Secret Folder


Save the best for last. Interestingly, not cliche.

This is an invisible application as one can hide it. Save your nudes, porn or secret files and sets the folder to invisible and no one will ever know you even have anything to hide to begin with.

Clicking utilities on your device and inserting a password grants you immediate access to your secrets. It also captures a mugshot of any Prier like the Vault app.

Its upside to the Vault app is, it also records the nosey intruder’s location. Pinpointing where they accessed your folder from (For those who manage to hold unto your phone for long hours).

The app also gives the user the option to either export photos to email, Google drive, drop box, cloud and more.

After opening the app, the user sets a password which they mail to themselves, after which they write a hint to always remember it by.

It is important to never lose one’s password as there is no way to reset or recover it once it is lost. Its icon saves as ‘utilities’ in your device.

Who checks on utilities,  right?



Do a quick search of apps on Playstore, Applestore or any other stores on the mobile device handle(s).

One is looking for apps that have been purchased, free, downloaded, or whatever the case may be. That way one will know every secret application that has ever been installed.

Do not bother attempting the password.

One only need know ‘what’ app(s) has been downloaded before being confrontational with the ‘why’ the app(s) was downloaded to begin with.


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