Canizares: I Hope Neville Resigns

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Gary Neville is Valencia manager

Former Valencia goalkeeper Santiago Canizares has called for Gary Neville to resign and apologise following the 7-0 humiliation from Barcelona in the copa del rey.

Messi scored a hat trick, with Luis Suarez scoring four goals in the romp that all but confirmed Barcelona’s position in the final, with captain Shkrodan Mustafi getting a red card.

And the former Valencia goalie, wants the former United defender to leave the club.

“The VCF defeat today is the worst I have known since I have had use of reason. And the manner of it means it can’t be compared to Karlsruhe [7-0 in 1993] or Salamanca [4-0 in 1995],” he wrote on Twitter.

“I was hoping for a resignation from the coach, as well as some apologies. I may be ignorant, but I’m surprised he didn’t. I thought he was honest.

“If [sporting director Jesus] Garcia Pitarch has faith in Gary as he said on Monday, that disappoints me.

“If he lied to us and tomorrow Pitarch proposes the sacking of the coach and they don’t accept it, it’s better if he goes as well…

“Worse than the defeat is the abandonment of the fight. That should give us a clue of what these players can do if this situation really becomes complicated.

“Mustafi showed his face and I think all of the Valencianistas are grateful to him. With the media today and always on the pitch. Example in extinction.

“I just wish that what has happened this year helps us distinguish the honest from the dishonest. If we did that, we would advance…

“Last of all, we now have an acid test with which to measure our Valencianismo. To demand decisions is responsible, to desert is not. Amunt!!”



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