#360Beauty: blackUp Paris Cosmetics Introduces Exciting New Products & Colours

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blackUp Paris is a cosmetic line that has various products from skin care to make up products. blackUp Paris face primer and foundation are one of their best selling products and has given them great recognition. Yearly, blackUp organizes a master class in different parts of the world where their products are sold with their guests ranging from make-up artists to bloggers. The master class is usually an opportunity to introduce new products and show the guests & fans how to effectively apply its new products. After every class, everyone gets a bag with sample products to try out.

This year, the blackUp master class took place at Federal Palace Hotel & Casinos, Victoria Island.  On arrival, guests were met with models placed on plaques as mannequins wearing different bold looks created by the blackUp Paris team using the new launched products.  The creation of each look was meticulously broken down by David Coranson-Beaudu, one of blackUp’s international make-up artists who also officially introduced the new products by using stylist, Jane Michael as his model.

blackup cosmetics_david coranson_009_360nobs
David Coranson-Beaudu & Jane Michael during the master class

Here are the newly introduced products.
blackUp Paris 2 in 1 Lip Pencil: This pencil helps to outline the contour and volumes of the lips. Has a ‘semi-matt’ finish and is available in 17 shades complete with a special sharpener which also serves as a cover.

This 2 in 1 lip pencil

Neon kiss set: These glosses have a delightful raspberry flavour that provides a hint of color on the lips with SPF15 sun protection. Neon Kiss set offers an ultra trendy look featuring 3 unique flavoured glosses and one 2 in 1 semi-matte lip pencil. The Neon Kiss set contains: 1 Sunny Orange Gloss, 1 Coral Orange Gloss, 1 Blood Orange Gloss, and one 2 in 1 Pencil in 13.


Contour stick in ’00’: The dual-ended contouring stick is the innovative product introduced by blackUp late 2014. It’s an easy to use product to create shadow and play of light just like Kim Kardashian and others.  It’s very creamy in texture, buildable, blends seamlessly into the skin with the perfect powdery finish. Comes in five shades with a new colour ’00’ introduced at the masterclass.  To know the right shade for you, the light shade should be a tone lighter and the dark shade should be two tones darker than your actual shade to create the ideal shadows.

New Contouring stick colour
The full range of contouring sticks

Eye shadow Duo: Metallic Eye shadow duo is a limited edition stylish compact with pigmented shades, perfect for women of colour. Helps to achieve a glam-rock look! Comes in 3 different shades – one vibrant shade and the other a light golden shade for each compact.


Contouring Sponge: Soft contouring sponge that has been made specially for blending contours properly. It is shaped in a way that one side is used for highlight and the other side can be used to contour. It’s divided into the light side and shadow side. This is perfect to use with the dual-sided contour stick.


Nail Polish: blackUp officially introduces its nail polish range in Nigeria. It can be described as a creamy gel with excellent adhesion, even coverage and is fast drying. It’s available in 7 nude colors and 3 essential classic colours.


New Perfume Bottles: This addictive perfume unities the delicious tones of spices with a trail of sweet and fruity notes of blackcurrant which now comes in a new and improved bottle.


For more information on blackUp Paris products, visit blackUpcosmetics.com and to purchase, visit any of the montaigne place stores or montaigneplace.com



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