“Beyonce Is Anti-Police”, Tampa Officers Refuse To Volunteer For Sold-Out Performance

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Beyonce has been scheduled to perform her sold-out concert slated for April 29 at the Raymond James Stadium, Tampa, Florida; though the concert does not have any police officers from the Tampa Police Department volunteering for security details.

The reason? Her performance of ‘Formation’ at the Super Bowl 50 halftime has been tagged anti-police by critics; and she is blamed for the recent rise in police officer deaths, according to a Sheriff from Tennessee.

Reports across the States have it that unions as well as law enforcement officers have spoken out against Queen Bey’s Black Panther-inspired halftime performance and her “Formation” music video.

They assert it begets imagery of the Black Lives Matter movement.


Baring his mind on the matter, Sheriff Robert Arnold, of Rutherford County, Tennessee, who had gunshots fired at his home on Monday night held a press conference on Tuesday.

At the conference, he cited Beyonce’s video and her performance, “essentially blaming the pop star for the recent rise in police officer deaths nationwide”, Fox reported.

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A local News affiliate said the show which is sold-out should had off-duty officers lining up to provide security for the concert but it seems the reverse is the case.

Typically, off-duty officers volunteer to work concerts and sporting events for the extra income, but none have signed up to work security for Beyonce’s April 29 concert at Raymond James Stadium.

Police Spokesman, Steve Hegarty did not state if the lack of sign ups was due to officers’ anger against Beyonce though he explained “the department still has plenty of time to fill those slots”.

Hegarty said:

We’re going to staff it because we have a responsibility to do that regardless of how controversial it might be, who the artist might be, or the politician might be.

This is a couple of months away, so we’ve still got plenty of time to fill those slots.

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Tampa Police still have not clarified if officers could be forced to work the concert or if the officers already on duty that night could be reassigned to cover it.


They will provide Beyonce with security details or her fans will work as security details that day and the officers will have a harder time bringing decorum to the county. 


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  1. At least Beyoncé didn’t salute the Illuminati this time so murder rates didn’t rise among upperclass white people.

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