Berahino Apologises To Fans

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Saido Berahino has apologised to the club, West Brom and its supporters for his conduct earlier this season.

Berahino was denied the chance to join Tottenham at the beginning of the season and went on social media, stating he will not be playing for chairman Jeremy Peace again.

The England international has only played nine EPL games due to a struggle with fitness, with Tony Pulis also dropping him due to an undisclosed incident.

He then remained silent during the January transfer window, when Newcastle United had a £21 million bid turned down by West Brom.

But Berahino has now apologised to both West Brom and the club’s fans for his actions, claiming his relationship with Peace and Pulis has always been strong.

“It is something that I look back on and really regret,” he told the club’s Youtube channel when asked about his outburst against Peace.

“I should never have said that. We all make mistakes and I hold my hands up and say it was a mistake from me.

“I just apologise to all the fans out there that have always supported me and also the club who have always believed in me.

“I don’t really want to get back into and look into the past. I’m in a good place right now, we’re all in a good place. I get on really well with the chairman so there’s no problem there.

“I have always got on with the chairman, I have never had a problem with him.”

When asked about head coach Pulis, Berahino added: “We have always had a good relationship. I have never had a problem with any of the managers I have worked with really.

“I can’t say I have ever had a problem with him and I don’t think he would say I have had a problem with him. We get on well and I’m just glad he is helping me getting through this tough time I have had in the past.

“I have always been hungry. I couldn’t control certain things that happened in the past but we are all humans and we make mistakes. I am just focusing on getting back to my old self.

“A lot of things have happened and I don’t think people know the full ins and outs, but I can’t look back at the past anymore.”



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