Behind The Scenes Photos and Trailer Of ‘Just Not Married’

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Just Not Married tells the story of two brothers who choose opposite paths.  Victor is a recent ex-convict who is trying to piece his life together while Duke is a brilliant undergraduate determined to see his mum survive.

Duke enlists the help of his two friends in stealing cars by decorating the cars and pretending to be married.  Despite some unforeseen hiccups, their operation was pretty successful until people got greedy and violent.


Just Not Married stars Stan Nze, Roland Obutu, Rotimi Salami, Brutus Richard, Perpetua Adefemi, Judith Audu, Ijeoma Agu, Gregory Ojefua, Dayo Davies, Adeniyi Johnson, Bucci Franklyn, Eric Nwanso, Seun Afolabi, L.A.S.E., Jordan Igbinoba, 16 Oniru, Vanessa Kanu amongst others.

Director: Uduak-Obong Patrick

Producer: Judith Audu

Screenplay: Lani Aisida

Assistant Director: Asurf Oluseyi

Director of Photography: Fayo F. Segun Festus

Executive Producer: Morten Foght
Still Photo by Mayo9ice concepts , Make-up by Adelola Fadipe.
The production was made possible by: Judith Audu Productions, Blacreek Pictures and Asurf Films.

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