Becoming ISIS? Pro-Russian Militants Torture And Beat Alleged Drug Dealer With Electric Cable

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In a brutal video which went viral after it was posted on Russian social network VKontakte, pro-Russian rebels occupying the town of Communar Donetsk Oblast, in southern Ukraine are seen torturing a man who is now believed to be dead.

The young man was tied to a pole, tortured and whipped bare back with electric cables in a manner that has been described by many as ‘ISIS-Styled’.

The video begins with a voice in the background saying , ‘The f****** film shooting has started. This is the punishment of a drug dealer.’.


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The drug dealer is being whipped by a militant identified as Olkhon who is said to have entered Communar from the central Russian city of Novosibirsk to support Ukrainian pro-Russian rebels.

Olkhon is heard saying:

‘Drug dealers and junkies please come here to us, we have a way to deal with people like you. Come to us and we will cure all of you. But this fellow will be slaughtered as a dog.

He will live until he has stopped talking about his fellow drug dealers and has given us information, and then he will be dead. See how he has p****d and s*** himself. He thinks we will have some mercy on him, but we will kill him.”


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The militant also added:

‘Don’t scream so much you will scare all the people around. I even broke my lash on your useless back.’

The camera then switches to the young man who by the whip marks on his back has been beaten and tortured for a long time.

The young man who is tied to a pole with a tape is heard crying and begging for his life, saying;

‘Stop please! I’ll say what you need. I will call another drug dealer and he will arrive with drugs.’


Olkhon is seen asking the young dealer if he admits to being a drug user and he cries out ‘No’.

When the pro-Russian rebels insisted on knowing why he had a drug dealers number in his mobile contacts, the young man gets more beatings for not replying.

The other militant recording the video is heard saying: ‘We don’t need courts, sentences, this is what we need.’

At which the tortured-man shouts:

‘I swear I told everything. God I can’t stand it anymore, I want to live. Please, please!’


The young drug dealer has been presumed dead. If the pro-Russian rebels promises are anything to go by, though no body has been found.




Photo Credit, dailymail

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  1. What a load of bullshit. It was proven the tortutrers are Ukranians, not russians. That is what Ukranians do. Torture and kill.

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