Barcelona VP Shades Cristiano Ronaldo: “We Could Never Sign A Player Like That”

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Barcelona VP shades Cristiano Ronaldo – Barcelona vice-president Jordi Mestre has slammed Cristiano Ronaldo’s comments following Real Madrid’s loss to Atletico Madrid, saying that a Barca player would never say such.

Barcelona VP shades Cristiano Ronaldo
Barcelona VP shades Cristiano Ronaldo

Real Madrid has lost 0-1 to Atletico Madrid at home, a result that meant they were now 12 points of rivals Barcelona. Ronaldo was naturally displeased with the team’s performance, and said after the match: “if everyone was at my level, perhaps we would be first”.

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Ronaldo had since clarified that he was talking about injuries and not player performance on the pitch, but that didn’t stop Mestre from taking a shot at him.

Mestre told Movistar : “Our team’s players would never say what Cristiano said. The club monitors a lot of things before signing players. Honestly, I could not imagine one of our players saying what Cristiano said.”



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