An Average Girl’s Guide to Making the First Move

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Don’t be Shy

If you go grocery shopping or you are at the gym and you see someone you find attractive, go over and talk for a bit. Start with small talk and advance to getting his contact, if he is somewhere you know you will definitely see him again just get his name and leave. Next time you see him he might be asking for your own contact details. Making your move can also be done on social media, there was a ‘#MovetoBoys‘ tag trending for a while on twitter, if you see someone you like on your Timeline don’t be shy to send him a message.


Avoid Cheesy Pick up Lines

Don’t you just hate when boys come and say stupid things like ‘ you look familiar’ , ‘are you standing?’ Just approach and get to the point, introduce yourself, ask who he is and what he does. In between conversations find a mutual ground and pick up from there. If it is online don’t rush into planning a date; allow things move themselves.


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Select don’t Settle

Select the man you want to be with or you can see yourself with, settling for any man that comes your way is not winning. Selecting is the major reason for making the first move, go into the world and choose your type. And when you find your type be sure you connect on both intellectual and physical level.


Don’t seem Desperate

Handle rejection like a pro. If you are the average girl, you have turned down different boys and they go away and handle that very well. Don’t start sulking if a guy isn’t interested in you. Some boys you try to talk to are seriously dating someone else or they might not find you so attractive so they will just turn you down. Once they do that, carry your bag and go. Don’t let anyone tell you persistence is key. If he is not interested let him be.

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Don’t enter The Friendzone

There is a very thin line between making your move to be potential beau and setting yourself up for friendzone.  Be sure to find out if he is single and what plans he has regarding getting in a relationship and settling down. If you are making the first move, that means he must really be attractive. Other girls might be talking to him and trying to get his attention, be sharp.

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