Arms Deal: Perpetrators Should Face Firing Squad – NATFORCE

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Col. Sambo Dasuki

The Director-General (DG), National Taskforce (NATFORCE), Dr Emmanuel Osita has on Tuesday, February 9, stated that those found culpable in the ongoing $2.1 billion arms deal probe should face firing squad, while some should be sentenced to life imprisonment.

Director General, NATFORCE, Dr. Osita Okereke Arms Deal
Director General, NATFORCE, Dr. Osita Okereke

Mr Osita, while speaking to pressmen in Abuja, stressed that the former National Security Adviser (NSA) to ex-President Goodluck Jonathan and his allies committed an unforgivable offence, thus should be severely punished.

He said: “Corrupt officials should face firing squad. So, we are of the opinion that Nigerians should support Buhari. If Buhari fails, that means Nigeria has failed. This is our only opportunity. Corruption saga is our main problem in Nigeria. If we do not fight it now to a standstill, we are in trouble.”

“People talk of revolution. How does it come? We wouldn’t want the kind of revolution that happened in Ghana. This is the type of revolution that we want in Nigeria: to purge ourselves and see those criminals who embezzle our money and send them to prison, in fact, some of them should to go to life jail, some should go to firing squad.”

“I blame former President Goodluck Jonathan. He said that members of Boko Haram were in his government but he could not sack or expose them. What shows that Dasuki is not a member of Boko Haram?

“Most of them are going to go scott-free, but those people at the committee who appropriated that money and knowing that the money was not used for the purpose, they should go for firing squad. Look at what happened in Nyanya, Kano…”



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