Are You An Annoying Boyfriend? These Traits Say You Are

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When You Act Indifferently


If there’s one thing that women hate, it is men that act indifferently towards them. We tend to be frustrating as men by our responses to questions which women naturally hold dear to their hearts. For instance, she could repeatedly be asking you how she looks in a dress you’ve probably seen her in a thousand times but expects you to give a response every time. Being indifferent would frustrate and annoy her more than you think.

She Doesn’t Want Sex All The Time

too much sex

There are women who definitely love a sex machine but they are rare and far between. Every time she reaches out to kiss you doesn’t mean she’s up to having sex. Women enjoy sex as much as men do but it can be annoying for them if all you think they are good for is a time in bed. They would rather cuddle up and chat with you sometimes.

Asking But Not Listening

selective listening

When you ask for her opinion, it shows her you take her seriously and respect her advice. On the other hand however, women hate it when their boyfriends ask for their advice on issues and look lost in the middle of the conversation like they weren’t even paying attention to what she was saying in the first place. She finds it annoying that you’d listen to your friends and not her simply because you don’t think she can give you good advice.

You Act Bored When You Go Shopping With Her


One thing that women find irritating is when their men can’t stand shopping with them. In truth, it may not take men more than 30 minutes to be done with shopping but since you already understand your girlfriend will take way longer than that, why complain when she does? More so, the times you spend shopping with her is usually rare and as such, you should spare her any form of complain during that time.

Getting Drunk While Out With Your Girlfriend


Women find it annoying when their boyfriends get drunk when they are out with them at a social function. It is best to always have it at the back of your mind that you’re meant to protect her not let both you and her be in an unpleasant situation. You can take alcohol but not to the point where you can no longer stand up straight or be able to drive you and her back home. Getting drunk why you’re out with her can make her feel vulnerable and helpless. If you do it often, she just may take the tough decision of leaving you.

Winking At Other Ladies When She’s There


Very few women care if you stare at another woman when she’s not there as she may actually be doing the same in your absence. But it’s totally different when she’s there as it smacks of disrespect for her if you do so. It’s best to learn to keep your eyes on her and stop them from looking at the boobs or butt of any woman around. Doing so is demeaning and annoying to your girlfriend and will certainly make her feel insecure. She’d be thinking if you can do that right in her presence, what length can you go to when she’s not there?

When You’re Always Angry


Women detest boyfriends who blame their shortcomings and inability to make a success of themselves on their girlfriends. It’s actually irritating to say the least when you blame her for missing directions to a place or for losing your erection during a sexual romp simply because you think her mind wasn’t into it. It’s pathetic and really irritating.

Flirting With Her Friends


It’s in the nature of men to flirt with beautiful girls but your girlfriend’s friends should be off limits. Doing so means you’re acting like a jerk and denying it when she asks you or saying that she was the one hitting on you only makes you more foolish. Be wise and make her happier.

Comparing Her To Someone Else

not good enough

Women find it distasteful when they’re compared to an ex or a friend because it makes them feel inferior. This is one annoying habit every man should drop as it’s bound to create more problems than you can handle.

When You Don’t Take Care Of Her


Think of all the times you’ve been ill and how much energy and effort she puts into nursing you back to good health. She expects almost the same level of treatment and commitment from you when the tables are turned. Women don’t enjoy it when you say you’d hang out with them but you suddenly start acting cranky after some minutes. Try and be subtle by providing her with her needs for that small period of time she’s under the weather.

Blaming her because you’re always angry speaks volumes of you than it does of her. A man should take responsibility for his actions and stop traits that will continually annoy the woman he cares about.
So how many of these things do you indulge in as a man? And to the ladies, are there any more annoying habits you think men have?



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