An Average Girl’s Guide to Avoiding Sex on the First Date

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Avoid Drinking too much
If you are meeting someone for a first date, try not to choose a bar or somewhere you will have to drink. And you must stay away from doing shots during the date mostly because alcohol might be capable of unzipping you mentally and that’s not what we are trying to do, No?


Tone Down on Flirtation

Avoid certain topics that might lead to heavy flirtation, like talking about certain books or movies. Getting into pillow talk on the date, blushing and excessive giggling. Just have basic conversation about work and weather, cost of fuel or maybe Zimbabwean dollar. Avoid touching and physical contact generally.

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Don’t go by his Place

First dates should not be a home visit. Boys are so quick to invite you over, you can also be quick to say no. If the relationship works on the long run, you are allowed to move in with him. But on that first date, go out somewhere fancy or public; a park or something somewhere your ancestors can be watching from a distance. Don’t let anyone tell you to come over I will make dinner. That is code for ‘netflix and chill


Try to Avoid Kissing

No kissing. That might be a weird concept for some people. But kissing is the gateway for sex. If you don’t kiss someone you most likely won’t have sex with them. Kissing is basically foreplay, if you kiss you are setting yourself up for sex. Closest you should get to your date is a hug that shouldn’t even last more than 5 seconds or maybe 3 seconds.girlsguides_009_360nobs

Don’t wear sexy lingerie

If it is tacky you won’t plan to show it off. This is usually a great defense mechanism for girls. You can even add a little extra by not shaving; that way you are sure you won’t be pulling your panties down that night. Well this is two edged because even if you decide to overlook your shame, the tacky panty might put your date off and that’s a win win situation for us.


Avoid being dropped off

Call yourself a cab if you aren’t driving. Did you read that properly? no one said you should ask for cab fare, take care of that at-least on that first date. The long drive in his car will create room for certain unnecessary conversations, and you might end up at his house or a hotel getting to know each other better.


Try not to go out at Night

Nights are meant for sleeping and sleeping with a date might lead to sex; leave that for your 3rd date. Yes! With working schedule and all, first dates might have to be dinner. However, you can avoid that by going out during the day over the weekend. Nights out bring up all kinds of conversation and might involve drinking. You don’t want to make bad decisions, so stick to lunch dates and picnics.




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