Actress Ruth Eze Reveals Geneveive Nnaji Crush: “She Makes Me Wet!”

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Ruth Eze reveals Geneveive Nnaji crush – Nollywood actress Ruth Eze has revealed she has a very sexual crush on legendary Nollywood actress, Genevieve Nnaji.

Ruth Eze reveals Geneveive Nnaji crush
Ruth Eze reveals Geneveive Nnaji crush

Speaking with Sun News about the current trend of homosexuality in the movie industry, Eze revealed she wasn’t one of them, and would never be.

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She however added that if Genevieve Nnaji were to be her partner in the act, she definitely wouldn’t mind.

She said: “Only Genevieve Nnaji can make me throw caution to the wind and become a lesbian, but fortunately she is not. I am obsessed with Genevieve. She makes me wet! If she tells me to become her partner today, I’ll apologise to God and jump at the offer.

“Anyway, I’m not a lesbian but I am not against them. If they believe they can stand the consequences (of their actions), then they can do whatever they like with their bodies. I have good boobs that both men and women admire and can’t seem to take their eyes off me. My fellow ladies always harass me, to get intimate with them, but I haven’t tried such.”



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