6-Year-Old Boy Tries To Rip Off Penis To Become A Girl

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Briella Carmicheal is a six-year old transgender who was born as a boy but began associating with femininity as a a toddler.

Diagnosed with gender dysphoria last September, Briella attempted pulling out her penis, and refused to drink water at school so she would not have to use the boy’s toilet.

All in a forlorn attempt to be a girl.


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In a chat with daily mail Australia, Mrs Kira Carmicheal, Briella’s mum says,

 ‘Since she could even walk she’s gone for the girly things (toys, dresses). But then she started telling me when she looked in the mirror she sees a girl. Once she asked if she was going to grow up and look like her dad with facial hair.

She was hysterical and uncontrollably crying when I said yes. She would ask ‘why wasn’t I born a girl?’ and ‘will my willy go away?’.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I didn’t have the answers. I knew this wasn’t normal and thought we needed to get help. People had said Baylin was going to be gay, but I had no idea it would be to this extent.’

Kira decided to seek professional help for Briella when the toddler began self-harm on her genitals in a bid to rip it off.


Kira explains further,

‘She started to harm herself downstairs. It was over a period of time and I don’t know how long for. She tried to rip (her penis) off and it swelled up and got infected. She was also off school for a week for being dehydrated.

She stopped drinking because she didn’t want to use the boy’s toilets. She was so dehydrated her lips were all chapped.’


Before their baby’s diagnosis in September last year, Kira and Scotty Carmicheal sort and began attending transgender information sessions before deciding to see a gender specialist for their daughter.

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‘At home we were calling her Briella and the family started using female pronouns – she requested us to. Slowly over time we started buying girl stuff. It made her so happy. But then she would go to school and they would call her Baylin and ask if she was a boy or girl.

I then thought we needed to transition.’  Mrs Carmichael said.


Briella who is a first-year student of Cranbourne South Primary School, in east Melbourne received help from staffs of her school and her parents for her pre-transition from Baylin to Briella.

They also organised the Safe School program which helps educate students about topics such as homosexuality, transgender, and gender-diversity amongst peers.

”When Briella was Baylin, she did not have any friend”, Mrs Carmicheal reports.

”She was shy, withdrawn and sad. Now she’s Briella she is invited places, she’s in the girl group and she’s got best friend necklaces.

She has attitude just like every little girl… I find her dancing in her room with a hairbrush. She is a different kid.’


On the next step for Briella, Kira says the next step will be to change Baylin’s name to Briella legally, though she admits how difficult the process could be.
‘It’s a huge thing, but I know that she’s not going to go back.”

She continues exasperated, ”People don’t understand what us parents have to go through to get to this point. I had so many sleepless nights where I’d cry thinking is this the right thing?’

Other options which include hormone therapy could be considered but Briella is too young to make the decision.

Kira intends to wait till her daughter is older before approaching that option.


Briella officially transitions to a girl. With Dad, Scotty Carmicheal and older brother, Brock, 8


Their decision to let 6-year-old Briella transition from a boy to a girl is quite understandable, yet there are those who strongly disagree.

What would you do if you were a parent who has a child with gender dysphoria?


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