50 Cent Disses Meek Mill Again: “He’s A Special Kind Of Stupid”

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50 Cent disses Meek Mill again – 2015 was a rough year for rapper Meek Mill, as he managed to enter feuds with almost everybody from Drake to 50 Cent to Future.

50 Cent disses Meek Mill again
50 Cent disses Meek Mill again

In a recent interview, 50, who has traded plenty shots with Meek Mill both on tape and on social media, described him as “a special kind of stupid.”

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“You know, he’s really not that bright,” 50 said in the interview. “The easiest thing you can do is bring other people into the statements you’re saying, right, while you’re writing music… It’s a special kind of stupid going on over here because you took something that was completely non-threatening with Drake and this one and turned it into something that could potentially turn into something he bumps into in Philly.”

50 added: “He said some sh*t about Future, it’s because they collaborated on an album together so if you’re with him you’re against me. You have the least opportunity to beat these guys with the momentum they have at this moment. The Future thing, Drake, it’s the same thing. Future’s just more hood to me.”




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