5 Annoying Habits Girls Need to Ditch in 2016

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Here are 5 Annoying Habits Girls need to Ditch in 2016.

5. Putting your business out there

By ‘out there’ this includes but isn’t limited to social media. Going around telling people personal things about you has to stop. How females put up all their personal information online and still claim they have monitoring spirits and stalkers is beyond us all. A lot of people have no business knowing your business, stop narrating your day on snap chat like Kylie Jenner. We don’t want to know what new clothing you bought or the new deliveries that came in, who you went to work with and even what you had for lunch. Keep private things private and get it off social media and try to be discreet.


4.Having ‘100’ best friends

Not exactly 100 best friends but a lot of girl pals. Every time you hang out with one of your friends you gush online about how this is your ‘bestie’ ‘friend turned sister’ please chill on that. Keep your circle small; this doesn’t mean you should be anti social but every single girl pal you have can’t be your best-friend, you are not Taylor swift who has ’11 best friends’. Many of these people are false friends and that isn’t helping you in any way. Less friends, less problems.

3.Long captions

The long captions on your friend’s birthday needs to stop. Because its compulsory for you to do a birthday shout-out you can limit it to 3-5 lines anything beyond that is just you telling tales no one is interested in. Long captions sometimes are not even limited to birthday shout-out but there is also the lifestyle justification captions. Nobody cares about your hustle really. Please let it stop!


2. Getting into ‘Situation-ships’

According to Urban Dictionary a Situation-ship is any problematic relationship characterized by one or more unresolved, interpersonal conflicts. Usually confused with dating. Don’t confuse friendships for dating and start up relationship drama with some guy who isn’t even dating you. Avoid guys who won’t label the relationship, know what you are getting into.


1. ImaginaryBaes’

This really started with celebrities keeping their relationship a secret from the media because really they have something to hide. But now every girl puts up pictures of someones hand or feet and tag it ‘Bae’ !!!Let that stop ladies, nobody cares if you are in a relationship. If the relationship is legit there’s no need to hide!!




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