#360DIY: Glam Up Your Old Pair of Jeans

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You can never go wrong with a pair of good jeans, they usually come in very handy and once they get old there are lot of things you can do to revamp and glam the pair.

Here are some tips for you to revamp your jeans and keep it stylish.

This one is called ‘Pearl it up’

What you need ;

  1. Pair of Jeans
  2. Needle and thread
  3. Pearls or Beads
  4. Scissor
  5. Flat surface

Steps to follow with pictures;

jeans_DIY_001_360nobsPlace Jeans and pearls on a flat surface.


Using a marker to point out the spots you want to sew the pearls on.


Get your needle and thread and start sewing the pearls on the spots you already marked out.



jeans_DIY_005_360nobsTack twice and tie behind twice as well.


Make sure it is tight and firm and won’t fall off.

jeans_DIY_008_360nobsIt will end up looking something like this.




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