30 Sexy Things Guys Do That Girls Love

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As a man, you’re oftentimes left wondering about the things women find attractive in you. There are a lot of things women find sexy and cute in guys and some of these things can be known when you catch her staring at you with a mischievous glint in her eyes when she thinks you’re not looking. As a man, you don’t necessarily have to pretend to be someone else as women find innate things coupled with being a good guy enough.

The fact is when a girl is crushing or falls in love with you, she finds every little thing you do cute and sexy. Even very goofy things that you do becomes sexy to her. There are a lot of things you can do that can be sexy but there are still lots of other things she can love about you when you’re being yourself. It could be things that are as simple as remembering her birthday or bringing up her argument with her.

Take a look at 30 Sexy Things men generally do that women can’t help but love.

Women love when you’re protective of them. They love the feeling of safety around their man and if you provide that, you’d have her devotion more than anything.

Text Messages
In this world of instant messaging, sending a good morning or good night texts message is still as sexy as it gets.

Your Smell
Women find men that smell great sexy and irresistible. It could be a good cologne, body spray or perfume. Whichever smells great is sexy to her.

A random compliment is a turn on for every woman any day. It is even more endearing when you compliment her when she isn’t expecting it.

Hair Stroking
Women love it when their men run his hands through their hair or body while they cuddle. It’s sexy isn’t it?

Women love to watch their men gesticulate when they talk with their friends or other people. They find the hand and body movement sexy.

Lifting Heavy Things
Seeing your muscle bulge coupled with the ‘superman’ personae you create while you lift heavy things, she sees it as very cute.

Singing Along
No matter how husky your voice is when you sing a hit song, she still finds your singing adorable.

Making Her A Priority
She loves it when she sees and knows she’s top of your priority list and that you’re always offering to help her.

Funny Facial Expressions
Making funny faces or acting like a clown is something she’d love more than anything.

Being Carried
Women enjoy being swept of their feet suddenly and carried off to be tossed gently on the bed. What can be sexier than this?

Dirty Talk
Women enjoy it when their men talk dirty to them in private. It shows there are no inhibitions whatsoever between them.

Surprise Visits
Paying her a surprise visit is one thing she will want you to do again and again.

Remembering Anniversaries
Remembering little things in the relationship including birthdays, anniversaries and the likes.

Hugging Her From Behind
Giving her a tight hug from behind now and again while whispering loving words into her ears is something that will melt her heart.

Exuding Confidence
Women see it as very sexy when a man is confident about himself.

Women love men who appear in control or speak from a position of authority when they communicate.

A boyfriend that knows how to cook is a sexy boyfriend. One that doesn’t is even sexier.

Showing Her You Care
Never pass off the opportunity to show a woman how much you care and she’d always love you for it.

Romantic Gestures
By doing romantic things such as rubbing her feet after she had a hard day at work, giving her a massage and serving her meals in bed, she won’t be able to have enough of your sexiness.

Revealing Your Sensitive Side
This is as sexy as it gets.

Saying ‘I love you’
When you say this everyday, she’d probably see you as the sexiest man on mother earth.

Cuddling up to a woman is one of the things on top of their priority list. Nothing screams sexy more than this.

Falling Asleep
When a man falls asleep on the laps of his woman, it shows how comfortable he is with her and women love this greatly.

Kissing Her Forehead
When a man kisses a woman’s forehead, it shows affection more than anything else.

Women love men that stay calm and in control of most situations no matter how stressful it may be.

Proud Of His Woman
Women enjoy men that show them off to friends and every person they come across.

Women enjoy it when their men flirt with them with smooth talk and get her to do things the way they want them done.

Post-workout Sweat
The sweat that comes off after a man’s work-out session is as sexy as hell.

A Man Who Gets Along With Children
It comes off as sexy for women when their men can adequately communicate with children. It means they are responsible and can take care of a family.

Are there other things you find sexy? Hit the comment section and let us know.



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