16 Year Old Dies During Money Ritual In Ogun

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16 year old dies during money ritual – A 16-year old secondary school student has died in Ogun state after ingesting an unknown substance during a money ritual.

16 year old dies during money ritual
16 year old dies during money ritual

According to Vanguard, the 16-year old’s name was Raimi Fatai, and he was given the substance by a friend who was said to be the son of a native doctor.

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Fatai and his classmate were also said to be seeking protection and knowledge charms, but Fatai had died 2 days after taking the substance, with his classmate reportedly fighting for his life in an hospital.

The school has claimed that the incident occurred outside the school premises, while police have already begun an investigation into the case.

What’s a 16-year old needing a money ritual for though? Crazy!



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