15 Year Old Girl Narrates Adam Johnson Meeting: “He Put My Hand On His Penis

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Adam Johnson's girlfriend dumps him

15 year old girl narrates Adam Johnson meeting – A 15-year old girl who allegedly had sexual interactions with former Sunderland winger Adam Johnson has narrated her part of the ordeal.

15 year old girl narrates Adam Johnson meeting
15 year old girl narrates Adam Johnson meeting

The girl cried as she told the court of how her relationship with Johnson began after she sent him a friend request on Facebook.

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They began texting each other shortly afterwards, and Johnson gave her a jersey when they met, and asked for a “thank you kiss and more” in return.

“He knew when my birthday was,” she said when asked by the court if he knew her age. “He knew when I was going to turn 16, and he asked what year I was in at school. I told him I was in Year 10.”

She added: “After the first meeting, he kept on messaging me and he asked for a thank you kiss. At the time I idolised him, and it was surreal. Then he said he wanted to ‘give me a kiss and more’.

“He said ‘you owe me for this’ and to be honest I can’t remember what I replied, I think it was ‘ha ha’ or whatever, then he said about a thank you kiss’ but he said he was not sure I wanted to and I said ‘why would I not want to?’”

Most of the sexual acts occurred during their second meeting in the former England player’s Range Rover.

She told police: “He said ‘can I have my thank you kiss’ and then I said ‘aye, go on then’ and he was kissing me for quite a while.”

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“He put his hand down my trousers and started putting his hand down my knickers and that went on for quite a while.

“He put my hand on his penis in his trousers if that makes sense. I said ‘don’t you have to go’ and he said ‘no, I will be all right’, it was getting slightly awkward.”



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