10 Year-Old Nigerian Girl Shames Fat Bullies To Become First Child Plus-Size Designer At The NYFW

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When life gives you bullies, squash them and make success from their blood. Not literally, though.

This amazing 10-year-old Nigerian is a native of Bronx, New York, a student, a bullied one at that and now she is a star.

Egypt Ify Ufele, whose Instagram handle reads, ”I was bullied for being a plus size kid in school. Now I became a 10 year old Fashion Designer to empower other kids” said she turned the negative energy she got constantly from bullies at her school into a propeller for her African-print inspired clothing line ‘Chubbyline’.

She debuted her own line at the New York Fashion Week this weekend.


Ify was constantly teased by the fifth-graders at her school in Queens for being plus-size, rather than whine and hide, she  focused her energy on what she loved which was sewing clothes.

She told the Today show: ‘I turned negative attention into positive attention. People tell me I’m good at fashion. Sometimes I give my models ideas, and then we agree on it, and I end up making it.’

She takes measurements from potential clients and sews on her grandmother’s sewing machine; sometimes using fabrics purchased by her mother360NobsIfyUfele6

Her grandmother, Nellie Rembert says Ify takes her passions seriously and is not just some rich kid grasping at the up shoot of fame.

The fifth-grader has been on the project for a long time first beginning with sewing on dolls with her hands then graduating to granny’s machine before moving to sketching and designing for kids and adults.

Her mother, Dr. Reba Perry said:

She comes out of school, goes straight into homework, and when other kids are out playing, she’s either cutting patterns or she’s creating new ideas,’ .

The results — an African-inspired collection packed with bold hues, tribal prints, and shapes that accommodate women and girls of all sizes — have earned her attention from anti-bullying groups and fashion lovers.

Ify explains that some of the other kids would give her a hard time for her weight, saying: ‘I was bullied and they called me all kinds of names. One time I got stabbed with a pencil.’

She felt sad at first but she did not let them taunt her for long as she immersed herself in her creativity; turning the word Chubby to ChubbiLine (pronounced ‘Chubby Line’),  she started her own plus-size fashion line.


Writing on her Facebook page, Ify posts “My God is (awesome) … he is bringing me from a tragedy to a triumph. Never give up even when the world seem cruel.”

The determined entrepreneur is also an anti-bully advocate with her ‘BullyChasers’ movement that works to spraed awareness on gun violence and bullying, CNN reports.


Stars have aligned with the amazing preteen and her BullyChasers movement has garnered support from singer, Lil Mama, Actor, Mack Wilds, and Miami Heat player Anthony Mason Jr. were all spotted with Ify at a “Ballin’ 4 Peace” celebrity basketball game earlier this month at York College in Queens.

Included in her portfolio at just 10-year-old is two recognition awards from a US Senator and the Mayor of Boston. She also appeared on the cover of Queen Size, a New-York based plus-size magazine.


Ify might also be joining the world-record breaker leagues as the only child-designer to dress plus-size models at one of the world’s most prestigious fashion shows.

She revealed to the Today show, she would love to use her passion and artistic vision to empower others facing adversity.

We love her already.


The preteen debuted her ChubbiLine collection as part of Full Blossom Magazine’s ‘Face the Sweet’ showcase, sending several grown women down the runway in a range of designs.

There have been other children who have showcased their collections at the event in past times, though Ify is the only one to have dressed plus-size women.


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360NobsIfyUfele11 360NobsIfyUfele12




Success is the best revenge. Bet her bullies feel more hurt at her new success today than their laughter when taunting her yesterday.

Egypt Ify piled her pain and pulled the stack, tumbling every one who ever taunted her for being fat, big, chubby or plus-size.

Way to go girl!


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