10 Chic Valentine Outfits You Can Choose From

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10 Chic Valentine Outfits you can Choose From;If you have made Valentine plans this is the right place to be. Based on trends right now and depending on the plans you made, here are some looks that will be great for you this valentine. In case you are not going anywhere but you made sleep over plans there is something for you as well.

Here are 10 Chic Valentine Outfits you can Choose From;

Based on Plans

1.Sleep  over Plans

Taking a really nice bath early on; maybe wax two days to valentines day and wear sexy lingerie just in case.

2.24 hour Plans; Breakfast, Lunch date, evening dinner and then maybe drinking or clubbing after. Because it’s a day of outing you have to get your primer game on so your makeup is matte the whole day. You can decide to go with a shift dress and change of shoes; flats for day and sandals for night.

3.Lunch plans; Did you make lunch plans. You could be going out to eat and maybe watch movies after here are two looks that could go perfectly.

4.Church Plans
We are not even going to act like valentine isn’t on Sunday this year. Many of you are probably going to church and hoping for brunch after wards. Well you should select an outfit that can go from church to any other place.

5.Night plans
There are different kinds of night plans, maybe dinner, drinks or even clubbing. Here are 3 different looks for a night out.


Based on Trends
6.Color – Neutrals

10 Certain colors are great for valentines and can really work with whatever plans you have made. Many times you see Red and White used for adverts during valentines. That’s the first color you want to avoid, you could go to a restaurant and see all the waiters dressed in red and the place decorated too. You wouldn’t like that would you? Neutrals are the best colors for your outing. Here are some looks based on color selection.

7. Denim
Denim never goes out of style. You might be matching outfits with your date or going from day to night plans. Denim is always a good choice.

8. Fringe!!

We are adding the fringe trend to the 10 Chic Valentine Outfits you can Choose From.


9.Shirt dresses

Shirt dresses are really great for dates, they are very simple and can also be very dressy.


10.Little Black Dress

Another piece that never goes away, if you have a lunch date or dinner date you can wear your Little Black Dress and you can add colors with your accessories.




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