World Catholic Queen, Princess Charlene Of Monaco Visits The Vatican

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Princess Charlene of Monaco, 37, her husband Prince Albert, 57 visited the Vatican at the Apostolic Palace preceding their audience with the pontiff. The trip – a formal state visit between the world’s two smallest countries – will mark Princess Charlene’s fourth official tour of the city.

The mother-of-two was dressed in head-to-toe white. It’s revealed she is one of only seven people allowed to don the color while meeting Pope Francis. princess


Called le privilége du blanc in French or il privilegio del biacno in Italian, the special tradition is extended solely to designated Catholic queens and princesses and it’s usually reserved for important events at the Vatican such as private audiences, canonizations, beatifications and special masses.princess6


Princess Charlene is bestowed this privilege, along with Queen Sofía of Spain, Queen Paola of Belgium, Grand Duchess Maria Teresa of Luxembourg, Queen Mathilde of Belgium, Queen Letizia of Spain and Princess Marina of Naples.princess4


Normal protocol for papal audiences require that ladies wear a long black dress with a high collar and long sleeves, and a black mantilla.princess2

Princess Charlene stepped out of her chauffeur-driven car into the bright Italian sunshine wearing a white lace mantilla and collarless winter coat. A peep of the style icon’s knee-length cream dress was just visible underneath her outerwear.princess10

The Zimbabwe-born former sports star kept the look elegant with a pair of leather gloves, pointed nude heels and a slick of red lipstick.princess9


The attire chosen by Charlene for her state visit is of great importance.

The Seven Queen Mothers
princess letizia

Pope Francis meets King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia of Spain at his private library in the Apostolic Palace in June 2014queen mathilde

Pope Francis chats to Queen Mathilde of Belgium as she needs helps to stand up during a private audience in March 2015queen naples

Italy’s King Victor Emmanuel of Savoy, his wife Princess Marina of Naples and their son Emanuele Filiberto pray during a canonization ceremony held by Pope John Paul II at St. Peter’s Square in May 2003spain

Pope Francis meets King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia of Spain at the Paul VI Hall on April 28, 2014 in Vatican City

King Albert and Queen Paola of Belgium attend the inauguration mass of Pope Francis in Vatican City in March 2013lpoh

Pope Benedict XVI meets the Arch Duke Henri of Luxembourg amd his wife Grand Duchess Maria Teresa in May 2006princessq








In April 2006, Cherie Blair raised eyebrows and the ire of a Roman Catholic MP by wearing an all-white outfit to meet Pope Benedict.
Cherie, wife of former Prime Minister Tony Blair, is a staunch Catholic and chose to exercise the ‘privilege du blanc’. Her breach of the protocol was surprising at the time as she had kept closely to the Church’s dress code in the past.

When the Queen met Pope John Paul II in 2000, she observed the code meticulously. Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, wore black, but omitted the veil.

Ann Widdecombe, the former Tory minister, was scathing about Cherie at the time: ‘Even the Queen wore black to meet the Pope. This shows that she has a very grand idea of herself. She is a Catholic. She knows what the tradition is when meeting the Pope.
‘She obviously thinks she is the first lady. My message to her is, “You are not a Catholic Queen, my dear, and you never will be”.’white





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