Winasbet Nigerian Student Fashion And Design Week 2015 Most Creative Designer, AFRIK ABAYA presents the “AFRIK INVASION” collection

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New emerging Nigerian fashion label AFRIK ABAYA unveils their debut 2016 collection “AFRIK INVASION” driven by the richness of two cultures.

The Collection displays an Afro-centric modest stylish trend inspired by the way floral patterns are beautifully combined with geometric elements in the Vlisco fabric and the quest to merge two fashion trends (African and Arabian).

The collection celebrates the stylish modest fashionistas.

View the full collection below:

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Designer: @afrikabaya
Photographer: @rey_cortez
Models: @esther_uti, @traciebrymah, @pinkidiva42
MUA: @snowjokes
Stylist: Micheal Udeh



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