Why Everyone That Flies Business Class In Nigeria Is Technically Corrupt #TrueStory

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In 2011ish I got a new position that required me to fly back and forth between Houston and Lagos on a somewhat regular basis. My company insisted that I fly business class and as long as they paid for it (which they did) I had no problem with the proposal.

So that’s how I found myself in this heavenly place called “Business Class.” Long story short business class was nice … if you can afford it knock yourself out!


I met a lot of celebrities, politicians, popular business men and lots and lots of Oil workers aka “expats” in Business class. And I had lots of interesting conversations with them … but my most interesting/confusing conversation came from a special guy. One special 9ja guy …

I had just boarded the plane and was getting ready to settle down in my seat, when I caught a glimpse of my riding partner. He had that look of amazement, as in “wow this place is so nice” I remember that look, because it was the same look I had when I entered Business Class for the first time in my life…


He was just looking at me and the plane and then me again. And eventually proceeded to whisper, but in that kind of interrogative way … he said

“o boy, how did you afford to buy your ticket?”

I was like … “Hold hold up, what type of insult is that, you mean to say that I cannot afford to buy my own ticket!”


But I am passive aggressive … so I kept all my words inside my head and instead decided to reluctantly tell him the truth.

I told him that my company actually paid for the ticket … instantly the look of suspicion jumped out of his eyes. He proceeded to whisper again, like some sort of EFCC investigator…

“Look at all these people in business class (pointing to the Nigerians as he spoke), these are the people stealing Nigeria’s money.”

My face was so confused …


But he ignored my face and kept on…

“They are so corrupt, bleeding Nigeria and flying business class when people are suffering at home.”

At that moment, I looked up to God and said a quick prayer that went something like “lord Jesus please please please give me Wisdom, Patience and Understanding to deal with this bullshit I am hearing!”


I think God heard my prayers. Because I nodded my head to say “uh huh,” before slipping on my earphones and blocking out the bullshit.


Said individual really believed that most Nigerians flying business class are some how automatically corrupt! And that is the same thing for most Nigerians on Land …

Build a house in Dubai … corrupt
Drive a fancy car … it must be corruption.
Build a house in Banana Island … Sugar daddy or corruption
Have an overseas account … corrupt!

Just accuse someone of corruption, offer no proof aside from the fact that he lives or dwells in a fancy place, and the anti-corruption mob will attack!

But here’s some breaking news …

If you earn your money honestly you are free to spend it any which way you want, its your prerogative and nobody’s business. If you want to throw your dollars in a swimming pool and swim in it drown knock yourself out!

And to all the people out there hating or judging … remember, not everybody that flies Business Class is corrupt.

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