Wenger: These Arsenal Players Are Fighters

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Arsene Wenger not scared of sack

Arsene Wenger is particularly pleased with the way Arsenal fought to claim a 1-0 win over Newcastle.

The win has sent Arsenal two points ahead of title rivals Leicester City.

And Wenger is certain, they can win the trophy, if they continue like this.

“It is another aspect of your team that is tested in a game like that,” Wenger said after the win.

“You fight, not to concede a goal, not panic and wait for your chance. We were more questioned on that aspect than the way we play football, so it is good sometimes to win like that.

“I have belief because of the experience, the quality of the attitude.

“I think a team always has a charisma. If you look at the team as a unit, it is like a person. If you look at your team like a person and the vibes coming out, you can sense – when you are a long time in the job – if there is something in there or not.

“In my job, if you don’t believe in your team you are in a bad shape.”

Wenger believes that the club’s added resilience comes from the fact that the squad is “more experienced” than the team he managed after their move to the Emirates Stadium.

“When we moved into the stadium here the average age was 23 or 24. On our day we could play everybody off the park but when you had to dig deep, come out with your knowledge and your experience, it was a bit more difficult — but these are different teams,” he said.

“Our target, and my target, is to get the best out of the team and, if possible, make sure nobody is better than us.

“If somebody is better than us, it’s sport.”



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