Watch Where You Space! Chef Caught Doing Cocaine Line On Live TV

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This clip went viral recently, featuring chef Ľubomír Herko appearing on a the Slovakian TV morning show, Telerano. In it, he is caught by the camera right in the middle of cutting himself a quick line of alleged cocaine with a credit card.

There’s even a rolled-up banknote on the counter…. and it was on live TV. The camera quickly cuts away, showing a shocked look on his face.

While the Internet has been going crazy over the clip, the TV station that air the show says it was a joke. “We consider this an entirely inappropriate ‘joke’ that has no place in such a broadcast,” a statement by the station reads.


Maybe he was just messing around with some flour and pretending it was a line of coke? After looking at his eyes, we’re not so sure what to believe.

Tatiana Tóthová, a spokeswoman for TV Markiza, said that “there will be consequences” for the incident, though he hasn’t been reprimanded as of yet.

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The chef insisted it was not real cocaine. He said: ‘I apologize if people took this the wrong way. ‘We had some powdered sugar there. We put it into a thermo-mixer and a bit of it spilled around. ‘Of course, the idea was stupid… I feel really sorry that it turned out like this.’




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