VIDEO: Watch Don Jazzy Diss Olamide At The 2015 Headies

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Don Jazzy

Don Jazzy and Olamide start beef

It’s been a night of plenty drama following the 2015 Hip Hop World Awards, popularly called the Headies, as Don Jazzy and Olamide went head to head.

Don Jazzy and Olamide start beef
Don Jazzy and Olamide start beef

The drama had all started when the highly-contested Next Rated award had gone to Reekado Banks, with many people expecting Lil Kesh to win the award.

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Olamide wasn’t too happy, and when he went on stage to receive another award, blasted the Headies for not giving Kesh the award.

Don Jazzy took the insults personally and told Olamide that if he wanted the car (the winner of the Next Rated award usually gets a car), that he could have it.

Furious at the statement, Olamide went on Twitter to launch a tirade of insults against the Mavins boss.

2016 bout to lit, ladies and gentlemen. Who do you think is wrong here?



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  1. The best of 2016, Please Olamide needs an editor. Someone needs to edit his posts. My editor will be like Wendy, do you think I have nothing better to do, fix this, I don’t want to talk about this again.

  2. It’s the headies what has rekado banks done?, it’s lil Kesh and everybody knows, olamide would have taken that in Good fate and at least there are both bigger than the car but the truth must be said abt this, if it’s vote the voting system is wrong

  3. It’s not all abt the car here it abt ojoro giving head to whom it doesn’t belong to (Nigerians everything ends like dis) … I understand Wat olamide is tryna express Dia. Lil Kesh hit d Street more Dan reekado. Reekado singles is most abt love songs while Lil Kesh kill d Street, Lyrical, shoki, efejoku, gbèsè fuck d guy is so cool N u can imagine it d ojoro. And on d stage olamide was jus cool to express his feelings like we all knw Wu it’s belong to and don Jazzy came on stage to mention name thats really bad. Olamide shud drop a single titled ojoro cancel!!!

  4. Pls understand that most of YBNL fans are not learned not to talk about voting………they can only hype them and bye tickets….not voting for headies

    1. What is this fool saying? YBNL fans are not learned? What does been learned have to do with been cheated. You’re just the dumb learned one.

  5. Well it’s too bad that a generation has to celebrate mediocrity but thumbs up to Don Jazzy for his response. ..Olamide thinks he owns the streets? He should be careful because the streets are watching and they never forget. ..

  6. You all are delusional and talk about street all day let’s take the little that voted from the street and the little that voted from the suites the Rikado wins, most of y’all blabbing didn’t even vote so who voted
    The kids he thought “iranu abasha” didn’t vote if he (olamide) could do this the Phyno that he so claimed to be his real Gee could be betrayed soon..
    One thing about my people is We Forget Quick!

  7. I can totally relate… Olamide slams headies for slying Lil Kesh… Don Jazzy takes a swipe at Olamide cos the award was given to Reekado Banks instead… Don Jazzy didn’t do well at all… can’t he even use style to code… chei

  8. Fuck all this bullshit, olamide is stupid to act that way, if a category is based on nomination then how many people do u think knows the site o the headies. Yes kesh deserved it bt vote determine who gets it. Don jazzy act was cool to me cuz olamide shud know is not how popular a songs goes it’s d number of people that voted. Even phyno was robbed after all his hit. It’s all about voting. Let’s face d truth.

  9. The simple fact is that a song might be a hit on the street but the message it pass across might be wrong, for NBC to ban all Lil kesh songs due to the illicit words in the lyrics, I wont blame headies for given d award to rekado banks. Most people just judge based on the popularity of a song, but thats not just the quality a song need to get an award even Grammy dont just give out award to songs because they are hit on the streets of USA and the message they pass are so wrong that most people wont allow their children to dance or listen to such songs. Efejoku nee is a hit but the lyrics are so bad, Gbese re oo is hit but also comes with tones of wrong words, likewise shoki So please people should pls compare lyrics of Rekado Kata pot and all lil kesh songs and tell me which has more reasonable message that you can allow your children to listen and dance to.

    1. @Adam i wonder why people could not think straight …you just hit the nail on the head ! but the stupid fact is that Nigerians knew this but they always want to act stupid… i love lill kesh songs its club and street banging but you dont expect an organized body to keep awarding songs with strong lyrics …

      1. U all r jus talking abt Kesh lyrics shey kiss daniel lyrics too get issue ni àbí hin song no still dope pass reekado ni…. Oga make una leave trash for lawma jawe olofo ni Headies Olofo ni Some ọmọ yibo

    1. What abt kiss daniel Mr Adams his better wit the award Dan reekado tho neva Forget dat…. The Headies Is a fuck award jawe only singer wit alágbára get d award fuck off no wonder wizkid loose interest

  10. Don jazzy acted so childish,olamide didn’t mention his name,hmmmm it’s so unfair Kesh deserve the award,like u all know maturity is not by age cos age is just a number,fuck headies!!!fuck don jazzy!!!! YBNL u guys re too good!!!

  11. Lol !!! Don Jazzy is forming Posh abi? Woz wobi even here in diaspora nothing like katapot na Efejoku ni oooo….

  12. Truth is Lil Kesh’s songs are hits although his lyrics are kinda strong but his songs are for the streets but that don’t mean that rekardo banks doesn’t deserve the award cause his songs are also nice and they make sense too they are not all that popular because most of us Nigerias *p.s. I said most not all* relate to songs that are for the streets cause they have this nice vibe that just gets you moving but it doesn’t mean it is better. other type of songs actually have better meanings to them that street songs

  13. Out of all dis comments I respect Mikki Jones u av sense, I love olamide so much am an artiste as well. The way he acted on stage with the abusive words Konidafun Iyala everybody that words la san.. He should be ban for 5 years don’t blame him no rules n laws in Nigeria.

  14. Abeg abeg if you cannot comport yourself in public then you do not deserve to be an ambassador of even a pure water company.public opinion is that lil Kesh had major hits and desrved the recognition but in the evnt the award started to go left it is human nature to be upset. It is however presumptuous, unprofessional and condescending of him to conduct himself the way he did.

  15. Headies is all about votes n not hits, Marvin crew ain’t too proud to big their fans for votes and when it comes to social media Marvin crew ve it all in followers so let’s leave sentiments out of it all. Both artist where wrong in der actions.

  16. Fuck all the fake mavin crew,We all know the award is for kesh dont try to come to Ibadan dem dey plan mevin crew….Baddo you react well,same things kenye west did in 2012

  17. How many of us here will allow our child/children to watch the ugly scene Olamide put up at the Headies?…..I’m sure none! Olamide is just too raw, I think he needs to be banned. He’s forgotten he’s an ambassador to the younger ones. No matter what has happened as regard who wins or not, an iconic figure like Olamide shouldn’t be found acting in such a trashy way! It is so shameful!

  18. See as everybody just the guy..I agreed he acted wrongly buh the same mavin ambassador should gave do without the mention of ybnl ambassador name.. and to headies,next time give award to who desreves it

  19. Olamide haba na!,you went 2 far,why the insults????? No matter what,you wouldn’t have acted that way in public. Don jazzy I dey hailooo!,you just showed maturity socially and in the music industry.Olamide grow up,the person you are fighting for may turn against you tomorrow.Allow everyone to bear his cross.Music is the twin brother of politics.

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