VIDEO: Snoop Dogg Calls Out Bill Gates Over XBox Issues

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Snoop Dogg calls out Bill Gates

Snoop Dogg’s Instagram is one of the funniest celebrity accounts on the photo-sharing service, and he showed it against in his latest rant.

Snoop Dogg calls out Bill Gates
Snoop Dogg calls out Bill Gates

The iconic rapper, who used his Instagram account as his war front during his spar with Iggy Azalea, this time called out XBox Live and EA Games over the poor functioning of their servers.

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“Y’all fucking servers are fucking wack man, y’all gonna make me switch to Playstation if y’all don’t ever get this shit fixed,” Snoop said in the video.

He even took it a step further by calling out Microsoft owner, Bill Gates! “What the **** you doing, Bill Gates?,” he added. “Fix you shit!”

Hahaha! Watch the video below!

Message to xbox1 n ea server fix your shit or playstation here we come ??✨??

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  1. Hey Snoop,
    We need my big brother on our side period, why? right now this shit I’m in is a Hate Crime and it affects all of us, this level of hate I’ve never known before. You know me we’re all about LOVE.

    I’m being gang raped by a ban of killers some serial, the deepest pocket is being forcibly being fronted by LeBron James really without this permission, this foreigner is a bottom feeding scum bag loser with deep pockets and Mark Brewer a genocidal homicidal maniac. Can’t control me so they’ll just burn the shit down.

    Is the White House involved? YES, did I flush out this dark sadist hate game? YES.

    ‘Orange doom’ they sleep with black America, rape us and kills us then steals my vote to get ahead ‘hell yes’ I’m looking to annihilate this shit, blow it to hell so I’m going to need you uncle Snoop to back the hell off.

    You’ll always be my favorite debut in rap so chill, I’m protecting us go yell at someone else he’s not your day to day guy anymore. #customer service, go yell at them.

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