Tyga And James Harden Party At Strip Club After Photos Of Scott & Chris Brown Emerge

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Tyga and James Harden have more than the Kardashian/Jenner sisters in common.


The two young men clearly like to party hard too.

After photos of Scott Disick and Chris Brown hanging out together surfaces, James Harden and Tyga clearly were also getting their groove on in town.

While this is not the first time Breezy and Scott would be seen together, it seems like Harden and Tyga may just have struck their own brotherhood bond.

For a while now, rumors have been circulating that Tyga and Kylie have issues, however, James Harden is not bothered about that.

If he were, then they would not hangout together would they? And at a strip club at that (According to TMZ)

Bros over Kardashian/Jenner sisters… or something like that.

Meanwhile, Tyga’s gold hair is er… something. He’s probably taking his handle King Gold Chains a little bit too seriously.



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