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Happy New Year Esteemed TRN Reader,

Few minutes to New Year I was waiting for my chicken sharwama to get ready and when it hit 00:00, the fireworks welcomed me to a new year. First thing I thought of was Who are my letting go of this year? #aintgottimetolaggers

Eating my sharwama later, I couldn’t help but ponder on everything the past year wave had rolled away and what the new year wave will be rolling in. I am eager for the new year. 2016 feels like a beautiful year for me, and you too. The usual question What’s your New Year resolution has been washed out with 2015 as Tweethearts aren’t interested in the bad thing you intend to not do this year, rather, they want to know what Three Things you #aintgottime for in 2016.

Here’s mine: I #aintgottime for Liars, Shallowminds and Laggers.

With no peculiar time stamp, here’s the Twitter Banter:

My New Year experience was so funny, I couldn’t help but share. So after taking few shots of vodka on ice and lots of back to back past stories, my little bladder decided it was time to get empty. It was a carnival and everywhere had people closeted in a corner probably smooching or necking. I needed to empty my tank and fast. I didn’t have anyone to walk me so I had to go find where I could let go all by myself.

Walking through the den of manly vampires, their lustful glare almost making me trip over myself yet I had to walk. I will not shame myself in 2016 by falling flat-faced before at least a hundred guys. #AintGotTime 2016.

I found where to do my time in peace. It was the neatest spot but it was quite open seeing as cars coming in could see me full on, while those going out would see my silhouette. It was dark, no one would see my face and I and I had to go. I took my spot when I suddenly realized I was wearing jumpsuit. S***.

If you are conversant with jumpsuits as a lady then you know exactly my plight. It was frightening as people kept walking past and I had to avert my face so they wouldn’t see me, lol. I was naked. I didn’t even care about them, I kept praying Dear God, please let no car come through this way.  The headlights would have had so much fun shining on me.

All in all, I got through, hurriedly redressed and washed my hands with the water I had. I had on a mischievious smile knowing I’d be sharing my day #1 experience. Thank you jumpsuit.





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